A Throne of Feathers and Bone by Shannon Mayer & Kelly St. Clare

Honey and Ice Trilogy, Book 2

Synopsis: Chosen. Framed by my father’s murderer. Running from the fae courts. Fated to never touch the man who sets my blood on fire.

Life was looking up for me not long ago. Now, it’s looking all the way down. This latest shitstorm? Yeah, it takes the cake and the beetroot tickle.

The father who shunned me from birth lays cold and dead. The courts are in turmoil and after blood. My blood. I need to find his killer, yet that mystery pales in comparison to the madness crushing fae in its giant grip.

I’m desperate to find the door to Underhill before true anarchy descends. The answers I seek are on the other side, I’m sure of it.

With two gifted swords, a magic shield, some finnicky power, and dubious spirit for company, I must locate the path to our native realm again. And if I can manage that while resisting the Unseelie fae stalking my every footstep, then all the better.

But I am part human after all.

Review: After a first volume full of action, I was rather curious to see how our dear Kallik was going to do in this sequel! It must be said that she is not at the end of her troubles with her mission: she must restore the Other World.

With the help of her long-time companions, our heroine will have to make choices and above all think carefully about who she can trust. Indeed, this volume will call everything into question and Kallik will discover things she never thought possible, starting with herself. It’s not easy, not at all, especially now that she is public enemy number 1! However, our heroine is not going to let herself go, she is going to do everything to save those she loves.

Many secrets are revealed in the course of the story, things I didn’t expect at all but which are really well found! I have to admit that after all that has happened I’m just waiting to dive into the sequel to find out what happens next. Kallik’s whole life is going to change, not knowing if it’s for the better or for the worse. An enemy is growing in the shadows and I only know that, since the next volume is the final one, the big battle is going to happen and fast!

A very good read.

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