Perversion by T.M. Frazier

Perversion Trilogy, Book 1

Synopsis: Love is supposed to be magical.

Ours is suicide.

The first time I met Emma Jean Parish she conned me into taking her p*ssy. Her cat.

When she was 16 she conned me into her first kiss.

At 18 she gave me everything.

She’s a con artist. I’m a criminal. I use her. She manipulates me.

Our attraction is explosive. What we have can be forever. If we survive the detonation.

Review: I hadn’t read any of T.M. Frazier’s novels yet, but after seeing her translated in France and seeing this trilogy, I thought “why not”. And I must say that I really had a good time.

This novel begins with the teenage years of Emma Jane and Tristan, two young people who have been bounced from home to home. A strong bond is formed between them but when Emma Jane is adopted, it is severed. Despite the years, Tristan, now Grim, has never stopped looking for her. One day he stumbles upon her, but she is a member of a rival gang and touching her could break the truce.

We also follow Emma Jane’s attempts to finally leave the gang she belongs to. She had no choice but to join, and getting out is difficult. They will do anything to stop her.

I had a great time with this novel. I loved the two main characters. We have a Romeo and Juliet story, all in the middle of unscrupulous gangs. And since I was also very surprised by the ending, I’m now even more curious to find out what happens next!


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