Magic Claims by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels: Wilmington Years, Book 2

Synopsis : Kate and Curran have just settled into their new home and their ‘low prolife,’ when a local businessman approaches them with an offer they can’t refuse. A mysterious evil has spawned in the nearby forest and is holding a defenseless town hostage. The ‘due date’ is rapidly approaching.

It’s exactly the kind of fight the Lennarts can’t resist, not for the prize the town offers, but for the people who will surely die if they ignore it. If they succeed, they’ll be rescuing an entire community and can build a strong new base for their family and the Wilmington Pack. If they fail…well, fail is a four-letter word.

Nothing comes without a price. Now Kate must decide if she has what it takes to pay it.

Review : Here’s a second volume about Kate, Curran and Conlan. We meet them again for a brand-new story.

A wealthy man in town turns up at the fortress and asks Kate and Curran for help. There’s a town in the forest, and the forest is expanding, making it disappear little by little. But the forest holds many mysteries. Every year, someone from it comes to town and asks for a sacrifice. Since then, the town has been obliged to accept, on pain of revenge from the forest. In exchange for their help, the man offers them a land, a huge area at their disposal.

In no time at all, our heroes set off with their allies to attack the forest, and they may well discover an evil far more dangerous than they had anticipated.

I had a good time with this novel, even if the story seems to be repeating itself for the future. I’m delighted to have reunited with the characters in this new volume and can’t wait to read what happens next.



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