Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

The  Hollows, Book 9

Synopsis: Condemned and shunned for black magic,Rachel Morgan has three days to get to the annual witches’ conference and clear her name, or be trapped in the demonic ever-after . . . forever after.

But a witch, an elf, a living vampire, and a pixy in one car going across the country? Talk about a recipe for certain disaster, even without being the targets for assassination.

For after centuries of torment, a fearsome demon walks in the sunlight—freed at last to slay the innocent and devour their souls. But his ultimate goal is Rachel Morgan, and in the fight for survival that follows, even embracing her own demonic nature may not be enough to save her.

Review: Ah there it is, I can not stop myself from reading the whole series and I finally ordered all the remaining volumes which will allow me to read them the ones after the others. By cons it is true that I am very anxious to see the end coming as it means that I’ll have to leave Rachel behind soon. Yes I know I still have a few volumes, but it will arrive anyway.

The conclusion of my reading? I loved this volume! It was just awesome and I had a great time with the whole story. Well I’m going to start with the beginning of the story. The end of the previous volume had left her only with one choice, but to go to the witches annual conference to apologize for using black magic. This is a very important event because it would allow her to take off her shunned situation hanging over her and so return to her life. Alas, nothing is or will be simple.

I was very surprised by reading the summary to see that Trent would accompany our heroine on the way for the witches’ meeting and it is true that I was curious to see why. But fortunately for him, Rachel has a heart of gold and eventually capitulates and takes him on the road to assist him in his own quest. But this way will be far without pitfalls! Oh yes, between a powerful entity who is determined to attack our heroine, Jenks disappearing, elf assassins, Pierce and Vivian present during a part of the trip or the time limit imputed to them, our heroine will have to manage a lot of things at once.

I was completely caught up by the story from the beginning of the novel! I must say that a lot of things happen over the chapters. It was also very interesting to see Trent throughout the history, it’s been a long time since we had seen him that much. By cons it is true that his actions make us want to shake him more than once. He does not realize what he is doing and at the same time he has a plan predetermined all along. As a reader, we are also curious to know what he wants to steal from his ex-fiancé’s family and I confess that I had already read the novella avout that so it’s true that I wasn’t really surprised. But in all cases he will be present for our heroine as much as possible in his own way. Rachel will have to manage her friends, the consequences of her actions and this elf who makes her life a living hell. I was very anxious for her after some choices and some events and I was not necessarily sure she would manage to escape. Treasons, conspiracies and broken promises will be present throughout the story. We will also have the chance to see what Rachel can do and we’ll learn a little more about what she is, something that will not be easy. But do not doubt as Kim Harrison is full of surprises and you will be dazzled by her ideas.

So yes it was a beautiful volume that takes us through several states. The conversation at the end of the novel with Ivy made ​​me terribly sick at heart and it’s true that it’s something that I did not expect that at all, and what Trent did shortly after also surprised me and touched me. I can not wait to see how everything will eventually evolve and to attend all the changes in Rachel’s life, as her life is just going to change completely.

A huge surprise again and I can tell you that I love to follow our beloved heroine.



Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

The Hollows, Book 8

Synopsis: Rachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires, werewolves, banshees, demons, and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter—and lived to tell the tale. But she’s never faced off against her own kind . . . until now.

Denounced and shunned for dealing with demons and black magic, her best hope is life imprisonment—her worst, a forced lobotomy and genetic slavery. Only her enemies are strong enough to help her win her freedom. But trust comes hard when it hinges on the unscrupulous tycoon Trent Kalamack, the demon Algaliarept, and a lowlife ex-boyfriend-turned-thief.

Review: I was eager to start this novel after finishing the previous one. I must say that we are easily taken away by the story and now that the series is over, I’m happy to buy the volumes the one after the other and thus to continue the adventures of Rachel Morgan.

Our heroine is going to have plenty to do in this novel! Oh yes, because it does not stop! Rachel has to manage her shunning but now the convent wants more! Between those who want to kill her, to lock her in Alcatraz, to prevent her from having children or just to get her future children into a new generation, our witch will have to find a solution. Because of course, you can imagine that none of the choices is acceptable! But this fight is very difficult because she will have to join forces with her friends and her enemies but some have ulterior motives. Did I say that we find Lee again? And Nick? I confess I did not expect at all to see them. Moreover, it is very difficult to know if we can trust them or not. But I admit that the character who surprised me the most throughout the story was Nick. Wow, what a manipulator! And that in every sense of the term but the author has managed to fool us well throughout the story, making us change our minds about him constantly. I’ll let you find out what he is really in the end.

Fortunately for Rachel, everyone is there for her, whether Pierce, Ivy, Jenks and many others. Our confidence about Pierce was also put to the test. Oh yes, because it is very difficult to understand exactly what he wants from our heroine and how it all will end. But like her, we want to trust him, to see what would happen, despite the fact that he is what he is. We can also see Trent in the novel, although I admit that we got the urge to strangle given the choice he offers Rachel. It is also difficult to statute on him but the end of the story gives us hope and I’m really looking forward to reading the next book to see what happens.

Everything evolves very quickly throughout the history and we learn a little more about the past of the woman and what she is capable of. It was nice to see that here she finally agrees that she is much more, she accepts the fact that she is different and plays with it for her life and the others. But whatever happens, she will not change to please others. I was also surprised to see that she manages to work with Al, which I must say is pretty funny in some moments with Rachel.

But that’s not all because Kim Harrison takes us through all the states in this book and I admit that I was very sad about the death of one of the characters. I did not expect it and it’s true that it’s been heartbreaking.

In all cases many things happen in this novel and I am very eager to read more. I can only recommend you to start this series if you have not already, it’s a great surprise!



White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

The Hollows, Book 7

Synopsis: Kick-ass bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan has crossed forbidden lines, taken demonic hits, and still stands. But the death of her lover struck her harder than she ever thought possible. She won’t rest until his murder is solved . . . and avenged.

But a new predator is moving to the apex of the Inderlander food chain—and now Rachel’s past is coming back to haunt her.


Review: It’s been a while since I told myself that I should return to the series. Lexxie and Jessica’s reviews really made me want to go back to the stories, not that I needed that, because I really enjoyed all the novels. But it is true that with the release of the last volume, and given the great reviews, I was even more curious to get into the novels. Want to know why I did not read it sooner? Because I knew perfectly well that at the end of this book I was going to rush and order the next one. And you know what I did? Yes! Right on!

The summary does not say a lot but yet Rachel will be at the heart of many problems. She is trying first of all to live with the death of Kisten on her consciousness, something which is also very difficult to do. Indeed, the young woman is determined to understand what happened to her lover and wants to remember his last moments to find the killer. But this is not an easy thing to do. If the death of a loved one was not already difficult enough, our witch must also manage Al and the worries that come along. Her reputation as a black witch pursues her and it has many consequences on her  life. Yet she does not expect that the repercussions would be that important. Some implications that could change her life. On top of that (yes, there is more), Rachel and Ivy must find a Banshee, a woman who seems to kill without remorse and whose baby also has strange abilities. But the whole thing looks much more difficult than expected and could put their life in danger many times. Anything else? Oh yes, because we will not stop there! Marshal will take an important place in the Rachel’s life and yet all could soon be in Jeopardy. Many things and it is true that I am very curious to see what will happen afterwards.

Did I forget to mention that a character introduced in a novella is being rediscovered here? I enjoyed learning more about Pierce and to understand what he was trying to do. But it’s not just him because Rachel’s brother is also present throughout the novel, and it’s true that it will not be easy for her. Judged, misunderstood, alone, nothing will be easy because she will face her brother who does not accept her lifestyle choices.

I was curious to find out the truth about the Kisten’s murder, and even if the whole process is very difficult, I admit that I was excited to discover everything. Yet it is true that I shed a few tears reading what actually happened on that boat. In any case, it was a good novel, more focused on the story surrounding our heroine that on the action but it’s really not a problem. I was curious to see if Trent would be present, if he would make an appearance, and even if he finally doesn’t have an impact on the story, I hope we’ll have the opportunity to see him a bit more in the next volume.

Rachel is changing dramatically in the novels and it’s true that she’s trying to do her best even if nothing is easy and that she does not really know how to resolve everything. But it’s certainly always interesting to follow her and see what she is going to do.



Into the Wood by Kim Harrison

The Hollows, Anthology

I really enjoyed these stories. Many are sad and dark but they allow us to learnmore about our characters or the world in which they live. I highly recommend the novel tothe fans of the series. It’s rare that I like all the stories in a book such asthis one, especially as we have a large number of short stories, but it was ultimately the case there. Here’s a little detailof each one:
The Bespelled

We didn’t yet know how Ceri and Al had really met orwhy she haddecided to be at his service. I must say that I did not expect it, but it is actually logical as we know the character she is in the series.We meet a naive and innocent Ceri who has to face a manipulator demonwho knows what he has to do to achieve his goals.

The two ghosts for sister Rachel

This story was beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. We discover the Rachel’s childhood, how she became the person we know. She has overcome many obstacles and I must say I am really impressed. Despite the support of some, she has always been seen as a weak person but she is determined to change that and to realize her dream.

Undead in the garden of good and devil

This story allows us to put ourselves in the place of Ivy before she meets Rachel and to understand what she really thinks. It’s always a bit difficult to know in the novels but like Rachel, she suffered a lot and we can only understand why she needs so much to be close to the witch.

Dirty Magic

I admit that I don’t really remember Mia, the Banshee in the books. But this story is also really sad. Mia would only like to have the man she loves without hurting him and sometimes it is so difficult for her to know she can’t have him. Another very intense story.

The Bridges of Eden Park

This novella is a nice farewell to Kirsten, and if Kim Harrison will miss him, for sure it’s also my case. I enjoyed this character and this novel made me remember him. A story about Kirsten, Rachel and family problems.

Key Line Drifter

It was pretty cute this time to follow Jenks. To see that he is very proud and wants to do everything by himself. He also wants to do everything for his family. We will therefore follow, by his point of view, one of his surveys and the way he will solve the problem. He tries to do the best but sometimes things do not end as planned.

Million Dollar Baby

This story features Jenks and Trent, a great adventure. I must say it was quite funny to see Jenks reassuring Trent, I didn’t expect to see it. It was touching to see the elf’s feelings for his daughter Lucy. A scene that was taken up in the books, but we hadn’t had the opportunity to really discover it.

Pet Shop Boys

I didn’t know the characters, or at least I don’t remember them. So here we discover fae and vampires with consequences on humans. I agree, this story could make a very good start for a new series. I admit that I’m quite intrigued by that world now.

Temson Estates

Here we discover the existence of the Dryads. It’s a cute though very fast story. A young man who inherits a forest and realizes that it’s finally more than that.

Spider Silk

Another story on Dryads. I think it’s really interesting to learn more about them. A dark novella about a small family with a terrible secret. It is true that it makes you want to know more about each character.


I loved this story about Grace and what she manages to become in a story time. I hope to have the opportunity to learn more one day.

Into the Wood de Kim Harrison (VO)

Rachel Morgan, Anthologie
J’ai vraiment beaucoup apprécié toutes ces petites histoires. Beaucoup sont tristes et sombres mais elles nous permettent d’en apprendre plus sur nos personnages ou sur le monde dans lequel on évolue. Je le recommande fortement aux fans de la série. C’est rare que j’aime toutes les histoires dans un recueil tel que celui-ci, surtout que l’on en retrouve un grand nombre, mais ça a finalement été le cas dans ce roman. Voici un petit détail de chaque histoire :
The Bespelled
On ne connaissait pas encore la façon dont Ceri et Al s’étaient vraiment rencontrés ou ce qui avait fait qu’elle décide de rentrer à son service. Je dois dire que je ne m’attendais pas à ça, mais ça correspond finalement bien au personnage que l’on découvre dans les livres. On rencontre une Ceri naïve et innocente en face d’un démon manipulateur et qui sait parfaitement ce qu’il doit faire pour arriver à ses fins.
The two ghosts for sister Rachel
Cette histoire était magnifique, j’en ai eu les larmes aux yeux. On découvre la jeunesse de Rachel, comment elle est devenue la personne qu’on connait. Elle a réussi à surmonter de nombreux obstacles et je dois dire que je suis vraiment impressionnée.  Malgré le soutien de certains, elle a toujours été vue comme une personne faible mais elle est bien décidée à changer cela et à réaliser son rêve.
Undead in the garden of good and devil
Cette histoire nous permet de nous mettre à la place d’Ivy avant qu’elle ne rencontre Rachel et de comprendre ce qu’elle pense réellement. C’est toujours un peu difficile de le savoir dans les romans mais tout comme Rachel, elle a subi énormément de choses et on ne peut que comprendre pourquoi elle a tant besoin que la sorcière soit avec elle.
Dirty Magic
Je ne me rappelle pas je l’avoue avoir rencontré  Mia, la Banshee, dans les livres. Mais cette histoire est elle aussi vraiment triste. Mia aimerait seulement avoir l’homme qu’elle aime sans le blesser et c’est parfois si difficile. Une autre histoire très émouvante.
The Bridges of Eden park
Cette novella est un joli adieu à Kirsten, et s’il va manquer à Kim Harrison, c’est sûr que c’est aussi mon cas. J’avais beaucoup apprécié ce personnage et ce roman m’a permis de me le remettre en mémoire. Une histoire entre Kirsten, Rachel et des problèmes de famille.
Key Line Drifter
C’était assez mignon cette fois de suivre Jenks. De voir que c’est quelqu’un de fier qui veut tout faire par lui-même. Qui veut tout faire pour sa famille. On va donc suivre par ces yeux une de ses enquêtes et la façon dont il va résoudre l’histoire. Il essaie de faire au mieux mais parfois tout ne se termine pas comme prévu.
Million Dollar Baby
Cette histoire met en scène Jenks et Trent, une grande aventure. Je dois dire que c’était assez drôle de voir Jenks rassurer Trent, je ne m’attendais pas à voir ça. C’était en tout cas attendrissant de voir les sentiments de l’elfe pour sa fille Lucy. Une scène que l’on reprend dans les livres mais que l’on n’avait pas eu l’occasion de découvrir.
Pet Shop Boys
Je ne connaissais pas les personnages ou en tout cas ils ne me disaient rien.  On découvre donc ici faes et vampires  avec les conséquences sur les humains. Je suis d’accord, cette histoire pourrait faire un très bon début d’une nouvelle série. J’avoue que je suis pas mal intriguée par ce monde-là.
Temson Estates
On découvre ici l’existence des Dryades. C’est mignon même si très rapide. Un jeune homme qui hérite d’une forêt et qui se rend compte qu’elle est finalement plus que ça.
Spider Silk
Encore une histoire sur les Dryades. Je trouve ça vraiment intéressant d’en apprendre plus sur elles. Une novella sombre sur une petite famille avec un terrible secret. C’est vrai que ça donne envie d’en connaître plus sur chacun des personnages.
J’ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire sur Grace et sur ce qu’elle parvient à devenir le temps d’une histoire. J’espère avoir l’occasion d’en apprendre plus un jour.