Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen (VO)

Living with the dead, book 1

Synopsis : A heartwarming tale of terror in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Meet Sarah and David.

Once upon a time they met and fell in love. But now they’re on the verge of divorce and going to couples’ counseling. On a routine trip to their counselor, they notice a few odd things – the lack of cars on the highway, the missing security guard, and the fact that their counselor, Dr. Kelly, is ripping out her previous client’s throat.

Meet the Zombies.

Now, Sarah and David are fighting for survival in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. But, just because there are zombies, doesn’t mean your other problems go away. If the zombies don’t eat their brains, they might just kill each other.

Review : Basically, I didn’t want to buy this book. Indeed, I don’t like post-apocalyptic books or movies very much, especially when it’s based on zombies. There are so many movies which look like each other, What can we tell about the books ? But when I heard great stuff about this novel, I decided to read it and I have to say that I was wrong.

When we see the cover, we know that it will be a book which mixes Chick-lit/Zombie, and I was a little afraid that it was a parody and a predictable cliché. Some events were predictable of course for people who had seen some zombie’s movies. We can see that for example, when Amanda went to the bathroom in a deserted mini-market. It was normal that she was bitten by a zombie. But it didn’t matter, the story was nice.

It was very pleasant to read this book where we have two characters on the verge of divorce. It was funny to see them together and see how their lives have changed with the mutations. Sarah and David are complement, cynic, enjoyable, serious, and make every effort to save their relationship in this new world. They will pass together through any crisis, the happy moments like the sad ones, determined to find some survivors.

I really liked the two of them, and I hope to read the sequel soon to know more about their adventures.

We have a pleasant time with this story, this novel is easy to read and it’s true that the story isn’t very complicated, but it allows to relax.

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