The Devil’s Playground by Jenna Black (VO)

Morgan Kingsley, Book 5

Synopsis : Morgan Kingsley, a kick-ass exorcist, can deal with Lugh, the super-sexy demon living inside her, but does he have to moan softly during her intimate moments with her mortal lover? Understandably, Brian is reluctant to share the pleasures of Morgan’s flesh with a gorgeous rogue from the Demon Realm.

But personal matters will have to wait when the opportunistic owner of The Seven Deadlies demon club in Philadelphia enlists Morgan’s help in heading off a crisis: It seems that demons have started showing up at the hot spot in alarming numbers and in the unwilling bodies of rough trade club-goers. Morgan is sure that Dougal, Lugh’s sworn enemy, is behind this, but why? To find out Morgan must summon every ounce of power at her command—or risk becoming just another casualty in an all-out demon war.

Review : I had this book in my TBR pile for a while and I’m very happy to have finally finished this series ! I had a conflicting feeling when I started this novel. Indeed, I was quite afraid that all the story was full of useless sex scenes. Because I have to say that it was sometimes the case in the other books. But finally it wasn’t what I expected. This time, although the love story of Brian-Morgan-Lugh was from time to time forward, the plot is really well developed. I was very intrigued about the end of the story, to know how Jenna Black would really finish it in this last book. Indeed, in the former novels, I didn’t feel the end of the series. Therefore, all the events follow each others really fast. It’s wasn’t a bad thing either, and the story was full of action and conspiracy.

However, we will discover the Machiavellian Dougal’s plan, something I was very curious to know more about, for some books. Indeed, I was very impatient to see the meeting with this character we’ve heard so much about. But I was very disappointed to not find the big bad guy I thought, because finally he was quite simple and banal (despite his big dreams). I didn’t understand why Lugh wanted so bad to let Brian know he liked him so much… Because it was an important point for Morgan in this novel. Oh and I just love Raphael, he was so awesome !

I really like this book, hindsight I think the end happens very fast despite we didn’t feel it when we read it. Like I said, the plot was well conceived and it was pleasant to follow the Morgan’s adventures who faces an enemy who could upset her life.

To conclude the series opens a lot of new ideas, so the reader can choose what will happen in the future for all the characters.

7 thoughts on “The Devil’s Playground by Jenna Black (VO)

  1. Ooh, demon exorcist? That sounds SO COOL! I love the whole idea of it, especially that there’s a sort of demon war thing going on. I don’t know what it is, but these kinds of books are always extra exciting! 🙂

    And I’m glad to hear that it isn’t full of explicit scenes LOL! x)

    Awesome review, Melliane! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  2. yeah the idea is just awesome ! I really like the plot. But I’m always mixed with the relationship of the main characters. It’s a little too much sometimes (ok… a lot of times). I’m curious to read her YA series. Thanks

  3. Yeah I think it’s the only problem of these books. Because I think without it, it would be a very great series. It’s the reason I didn’t read them the ones after the others.

  4. Oh in my dreams I wish to see Devil’s playground. That’s the reason why I want to read this book. But I’m more fond in playing at the children’s playground.

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