Blood Bath & Beyond by Michelle Rowen

Immortality Bites Mysteries, Book 1

Synopsis: Sarah Dearly is adjusting to life as a fledgling vampire, satisfying her cravings at vampire-friendly blood banks. But when her fiancé Thierry takes a job with the Ring—the secret council in charge of keeping vampires in line—Sarah’s about to get more than a taste of danger…

Being engaged to a centuries-old master vampire can be challenging—especially when he takes a job with the Ring. Thierry’s in for fifty years of nonstop travel and deadly risk. It’s enough to make any woman reconsider the wedding…any woman except Sarah, that is.

Traveling to Las Vegas for his first assignment, they encounter a child beauty pageant contestant from hell, as well as a vampire serial killer leaving victims drained of blood, potentially exposing the existence of vampires to the whole world. But when Thierry’s truly ancient history comes back to haunt him, and he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, it’s up to Sarah to clear his name before their immortal lives come to an end.

Review: I already read a few adventures of Sarah Dearly through the first saga of Michelle Rowen, but I was quite surprised to find that the author had started another series featuring Thierry. I think this one could perfectly continue the Immortality Bites one. This is what surprised me, I did not really expect to have a real continuity in the story but it is still nice to see how our characters have evolved. I think the first series allowed us to really get to know each of the protagonists, but this time it focuses on our heroine and Thierry. Of course, there were some appearances of other characters we met earlier as Sarah’s best friend, Amy, by phone, which is pretty funny.


Thierry is hired by the Ring as a consultant, an offer he can’t refuse. And whether Sarah likes it or not, what is done is done. Being her fiancé, there is no question that she let him go alone. Although he hides many secrets, she is determined to understand what is happening. When in Las Vegas, she accompanies his lover in his investigations, including the one about a vampire child doing beauty pageants. I really liked Victoria. Unlike other authors, vampire children, here, keep their inner child and although she is a little tired of her life, Victoria is like any other little girls. I think it was a good idea, and it allows us to get easily attached to this little vampire. In parallel, many problems arise, like a strange story between Thierry and an old friend, or even a wave of murders committed by a vampire that nobody knows about.
I enjoyed the story and the plot, Sarah has not changed and is as always a big magnet to problems in all circumstances. She kept her fun attitude and would do anything to help Thierry. Well I must say that when she decides to help, nothing ever goes as planned and all this, often ends in disaster. It’s pretty cute to see how her fiancé loves her, being cold, he completely changes when he is close to her. I also enjoyed all the little memories that we have in the story; we can better understand how our couple is now.
Regarding the plot, I admit that I was really curious to find out who was behind the murders. I went through the same assumptions as Sarah, concluding with her, but I really didn’t expect this culprit. Not at all, and I was also stunned when I learned the identity.


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  1. I’m with Blodeuedd – didn’t know that. I have the books in the ‘other’ series but have yet to read them. And how cool that the culprit was a surprise. Definitely sounds like a book I would enjoy. 🙂

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