The First Death by Laurell K Hamilton and Jonathon Green (VO)

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

Synopsis : Her fans have been asking for it – now, Laurell K. Hamilton delivers a look into Anita Blake’s past! Written by Laurell K. Hamilton herself, along with Jonathon Green, The First Death takes place almost a year before the events being chronicled in Guilty Pleasures. Witness the first meeting of Anita and Jean-Claude, Anita’s first time inside Guilty Pleasures, her first serial-killer case, and an early encounter with Edward. Prepare to be thrilled by this original story produced especially for comics!

Review : Here it is my first review about a comic. It’s very different but in the same time I think I can make it like I do for a novel. I’ve read every books about the Anita Blake’s series, so I was very curious after hearing so much stuff, to know how it will be in comics, mainly because this one shows us a different story, a story we didn’t know anything about, whose takes place before The first book.
 It was a real pleasure to find Anita one more time, and I really liked to discover all these events we didn’t know anything about, or some others we find in the series as for example the appearance of the cross scar on her skin.

It’s true that I couldn’t tell more about the pictures or other things, because I don’t know a lot of about comics as I’m not an expert, but I really liked the visual. For this kind of books, I had just read the Mercy Thompson’s series by Patrica Briggs, but I confess I was disappointed by them, but this one have some beautiful pictures and I really liked the way the designer makes each characters.
This volume is shared in two parts. Indeed, it exists a small part about the comic but it was a fast read. The rest introduces us each persons we could meet in Guilty Pleasure. It was quite original but it tells us a lot about the first novel. For a person like me who has read the first book of Anita Blake a few years ago, it was pleasant to remember the story, even if I confess that it didn’t remind me a lot of things… But it’s true that I prefer the first part too. Therefore, I think it’s an enjoyable comic for the series fans !

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