Moonlight Mayhem by Sherry Soule

Spellbound, Book 2

Synopsis: Otherworldly Creatures. Dazzling Magic. Fiery Romance.

Shiloh Ravenwolf thought she was getting used to the strange events in Whispering Pines, until the full moon brings another surge of supernatural threats to her coastal town. Ferocious wolves, deadly necromancers, and shambling zombies have descended upon the neighborhood, so Shiloh needs to gain control of her magical abilities—fast!

It sucks that she has a crippling fear of the dark, which for a demon hunter can be an epic problem. But she spends so much time wallowing in the darkness, how can she not become a part of it?

When her classmates are attacked by a mysterious creature and her father is murdered, Shiloh vows vengeance. Forcing her phobias aside, she forms an unlikely coven of supernaturally gifted teens to help her eradicate this menace. Except that’s not all Shiloh has to worry about. She’s battling a different monster within herself and struggling not to become the very thing she fights: evil.

But with demon blood inside her—anything can happen…

Review: I had a mix feeling about the first book and I was therefore anxious to start this one. I was afraid to have the same problems I had before once again… But what a surprise, this second novel is amazing. No, no more fights against demons, it’s this time more against zombies, lycans, fallen angels and so many other things.
Shiloh has to face Trent, her ex-boyfriend as they’re having a break but more than that she discovers some corpses of persons killed by a wild animal. Our heroine is very determined to discover the last word of the story and she won’t be alone in this adventure. Indeed, I was very surprised by this disparate assembly, but it was a real pleasure.
But there is more, Shiloh has to deal with the death of her father, himself murdered and she is determined to avenge him and to kill the person or the creature responsible for all this. But this story will lead her more farther than she would have thought. She, however, has to control her demon’s blood to not be controlled, and it’s really not an easy task.
I’m still intrigued by Jillian, the mother of our heroine. She can have some tender moments with her daughter as she tried to reach her but most of the time she is the evil bitch we knew. I wonder what she wants to do, what their motives are now and what is her relation with the father of Trent. What about Trent? Ah this boy has a lot of surprises for us and we learn them all along the book, I didn’t expect that and in the same time it’s logic as well. I can’t wait to assist to the confrontations about all the things we learned.
We meet many new characters, everyone is interesting and I hope we will meet them soon in another novel to get to know them more, mainly the Shiloh’s best friend. I have to say that finally all the persons in this small town have something special, and we just need to learn what it is now.
We have a great rhythm here and we never get bored, it allows us to learn the responsibilities that our heroine needs to deal with, everyday. A really good second book and I can’t wait to get into the third one to know what Sherry Soule will have for us.

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  1. Glad that the second book of this series was a step up from the first! I always love reading your reviews on these series that I’ve never heard of! They sound like super enjoyable reads <3 Love your use of the word "rhythm"; I can really feel the positive momentum! Fantastic review, as usual, Melliane!

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