Tainted Night, Tainted Blood by E.S. Moore

Kat Redding, Book 2

Synopsis: In the darkness, it’s easy to lose your way…

Kat Redding is a vampire with a job to do—wiping out the vamps and werewolves who prey on Pureblood humans. Someone has to do it…as long as that someone is her. But suddenly Kat, also known as Lady Death, has competition, and it’s causing problems. Vampire houses and werewolf clans alike are blaming her for a spate of gruesome murders, and Kat needs to figure out who’s really responsible before she becomes the next target…

On the hunt, she forms an uneasy alliance with both the Luna Cult and a powerful rogue werewolf. But the truths Kat’s uncovering—about her enemies and her few remaining confidantes—are far from comforting. And when the chance comes to leave her life of vengeance behind, Kat must decide whether her real motive lies in protecting the innocent, or sating her own fierce hungers…


review: I enjoyed the first book of this series as it was more about the action, something that is different from some books we can read today in Urban Fantasy. It’s true that I would have loved to have more developments about the feelings of our characters and my wish has been granted in this second novel. This book has everything I want in a book in this genre.

From the start, I was completely hooked by the E.S. Moore story. We discover a new aspect of the kat’s personality that we didn’t have the chance to see before. Indeed, we will understand that everything isn’t that simple for her and that her way of life gives her many responsibilities she doesn’t really want to have. We therefore begin to see the flaws in her shell little by little. Of course all the characters of the first volume are here for a new investigation more than interesting. Indeed, murders are being committed all overtown and even though everyone suspects that our heroine has become rogue, she has nothing to do with these killings. But she quickly understands that it is in her interest to find out who is responsible for not becoming the next target. I must say that many culprits have gone through my head but I did not expect at all such a revelation, I believe it will be the same for every reader. It is simply unthinkable. But ourheart is breaking for Kat when she understands what is happening, mainly at the end of the book when she is left with only one solution.
I was pleasantly surprised by the new relationships she forgeswith Jonathan, his cult, and well even with Ethan. Our Lady Death shows us a more humanized side of her personality, wanting to have people closer to herwhile keeping the idea that she might be hurt or killed by accepting another person in her circle of trust. We can also finally meet the Ethan’s demon and I confess that since the first bookI was really curious to see him. It was ultimately a good appearance, and we doubt that their troubles are just beginning now.
Many things are initiated here, and I must say that I read this book quite fast, we always want more and when the end finally comes, we only want the third bookto finally understand what will happen next. I was very intrigued by this strange city that seems to knowwhat Kat is, and that contains more secrets than we might think. Plus, the first chapter ofnext book at the end of the novel makes me want to have the rest of the story.
So we discover herean evolving storywith a very good second volume. And I’m impatient to be able to learn more.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this book before too but glad to hear that the second book is even better than the first! I haven’t read many Urban Fantasy books but this one is definitely on my radar now 😉 Kat sounds like a very amazing heroine and I can’t wait to read her story!

    Awesome review, Melliane! ♥ So glad you enjoyed it!

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