Breaking the Devil’s Heart by H.A. Goodman

Logic of Demons, Book 2

Synopsis: When Stewart and Layla recruit a demon to spy on the Devil, their decision takes them on whirlwind ride through the afterlife. Journey alongside this young couple in H. A. Goodman’s new novel, Breaking the Devil’s Heart, and join forces with a teenage Angel outcast to bankrupt Satan’s underground Company and save Heaven from civil war. H. A. Goodman’s Breaking the Devil’s Heart is a rollercoaster afterlife experience that tests a young couple’s love, their grasp on reality, and the essence of human nature. What happens when Stewart and Layla tour Hell’s Marketing Department and Stock Exchange? What happens when their relationship is tested by Satan? This book is unlike anything you’ve ever read, or ever thought the afterlife might be like. Breaking the Devil’s Heart is an enlightening look into an alternate world, a new afterlife, and a profound journey inside the human conscience.

Review: This book seemed very unique with such a cover and summary, and I was curious to see how it really was. I was afraid it might be a little too philosophical for me and to not understand what would happen in the story. So yes, this book is really original, I don’t think I can make any comparisons with other novels I’ve read before, but it was a great pleasure to discover the H.A. Goodman ideas. Indeed, the book makes us think about many points, what is right or wrong, and a lot of things according to that. It also shows the cruelty of people, the things they can do when they’re selfish or when they don’t realize the impact of their acts on others. It’s pretty amazing.

The author wrote about many famous wars we know about, showing us what people had been able to do, destroying lives in such a short time with only a bad choice. This book really makes us think about the aspects of the world while following the story of a couple very different from others, Layla and Stewart. They are both observers, who refused to become angels to fight the company of Satan. Stewart is indeed also very determined to find a solution and everything is good for him, even the torture of demons if it means he can have the answers he wants. But this change in tactics makes us wonder about what he could do or not in order to destroy Satan. To know if what he does is really different from what the demons do. Layla will follow him in his ideas although she sometimes doesn’t agree with him. But we will understand with them the problems of society and the mankind. Sometimes humans make their own choices and the demons only start them.

There were also some nice surprises throughout the novel and I must say I was totally surprised by the twists that happen at the end of the book for our little couple. I did not expect that at all. It’s also touching to follow both of them, to see their love for each other. It’s so strong that they always manage to overcome the doubts they have.

All this to say that I enjoyed this novel and I recommend it if you are looking for something different. The book is interesting and we try to understand throughout the chapters how our heroes will manage to succeed in their quest. And I must say it was quite impressive. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the first book but as this book shows us something very different, there really is not a problem to start with this one.

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