The Moonstone and Miss Jones by Jillian Stone

Paranormal Investigator, Book 2

Synopsis: Mooning For The Moonstone

Barely escaping the clutches of a succulent succubus, Phaeton Black returns to London only to get sucked into another unearthly scheme. Professor Lovecraft has been tinkering with the secrets of life and death, replacing body parts with the latest mechanical marvels. To succeed, he needs to tap the power of the fabled Moonstone—and he needs Phaeton’s help. Of course, Phaeton would prefer to investigate the more interesting body parts of Miss America Jones. Perhaps, bringing his lady friend along for the ride won’t be to too much trouble…

Shanghaied In Shanghai

The bewilderingly beautiful and bountifully gifted daughter of a Cajun witch, Miss Jones is always up for an adventure, especially with Mr. Black as her traveling companion. But when Phaeton is mysteriously shanghaied in Shanghai, America thinks he’s run out on her. Stranded in the Orient—and steaming mad—she’s prepared to look under every stone for the missing detective. The case has put them both in the most compromising positions, but this time, Miss Jones is on top and Mr. Black is at the bottom…of a truly infernal plot.

Review: After a first volume that I really enjoyed, I was curious to discover the second Jillian Stone’s novel. It is true that I was a little surprised by the erotic side of the first installment of the series but knowing the author’s style this time, I completely get into this new story that we have here. Maybe it’s just me but it is true that the scenes between the two heroes were easier to read and I didn’t have any problems.
After their little romance during their boat trip, Phaeton was forced to leave the America’s boat, and is kidnapped to be released in London without he understands the reason. He is therefore quite worried about the opinion of the young woman about it. You can imagine that this is really not to the taste of America who hesitated to know if he left because he was afraid of their relationship or if he really disappeared. But when she learns where he is, she does not hesitate to return at home and find her lover. However, narrowly escaping to a kidnapping by a very strange creature, our two heroes realize that Phaeton was brought here for a specific purpose, which goes much further than what we thought. They will have to mingle with some characters we knew from the first volume and to investigate to find the moonstone. Stone that might interest more people than we might think.
I was completely captivated by the ideas of the author. I was not expecting that at all and I thought it was a very well shot. This book is truly unique and I think I even preferred this one. The plot develops slowly over the course of the story, becoming more complex, making us think about the actions of each characters and making us discover all the subtleties of the world in which they live. And what more can I say? Phaeton and America are a delight to follow. They complete each other perfectly and it’s pretty hard to not love the scenes they have together. We can also observe that our hero has considerably evolved since the first novel. Of course, he kept his attitudes that make him the man he is, but you can perfectly see the love and the affection he has for America. I must say that I waited so eagerly for the big revelation of our heroine, it was really funny to see it.
However, the end is terrible, I didn’t expect that to happen so fast and now I wonder how the events will progress. I feel that it will really be epic. I look forward to further adventures of our two heroes. A very good novel steampunk!

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