One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire

October Daye, Book 5

Synopsis: October “Toby” Daye is finally doing all right. She’s settling into her new role as the Countess of Goldengreen; she’s actually dating again; she’s even agreed to take on Quentin as her official squire. Life is looking up all around—and that inevitably means it’s time for things to take a turn for the worse.
Someone has kidnapped the sons of Duchess Dianda Lorden, regent of the Undersea Duchy of Saltmist. To prevent a war between land and sea, Toby must not only find the missing boys, but also prove that the Queen of the Mists was not behind their abduction. She’ll need all her tricks and the help of all her allies if she wants to make it through this in one piece.
Toby’s search will take her from the streets of San Francisco to the lands beneath the waves, and her deadline is firm: she must find the boys in three days’ time, or all of the Mists will pay the price. But someone is determined to stop her—and whoever it is isn’t playing by Oberon’s Laws…
As the battle grows more and more personal, one thing is chillingly clear. When Faerie goes to war, not everyone will walk away.

Review: For those who do not know it yet, I’m totally a fan of this series! Each volume amazes me every time. I it’s never possible to imagine in what trouble we will find our heroine. The problems are amplified in each volume and it is always with surprise that we realize that Toby has to cross more difficulties than in the previous books.

October will this time have to deal with an impending war. The children of the Undersea Duchy of Saltmist have been kidnapped and she now accuses the queen of Mists to be the responsible. And when the Luidaeg gets involved and asks Toby for help so she could discover where the two boys are, our heroine does not have much choice, especially when the war is looming. This will start a complex race, and Toby could lose everything.

It was a great pleasure to once again follow our heroine in her new adventures. This volume was amazing and we can discover many great events at a sustained rhythm throughout the story. We also discover some new characters, complementing our knowledge of this unique world. I think this is also why once we start the book, we want discover and finish it as quickly as possible. Finally you can imagine, this book was awesome! All our enemies are here but of course new ones are already emerging. We understand gradually what is really happening, establishing new assumptions continually. But I think we can not imagine for one second this end. Like in the previous book, I was completely surprised by the Seanan McGuire’s ideas. It was really interesting to have such twists but it was so sad to assist to all of this. The end of the novel broke my heart and I look forward to see how Toby will be able to manage everything in the sixth book.

Our heroine has changed significantly since the previous volumes, she is constantly changing and it is difficult for her to adapt to the new events. I must say that she went through a lot, for her personal life and other. But whatever the circumstances, all her allies will be there to help. The Luidaeg for example, is a very mysterious character, and I was really happy to have her in this fifth volume. We are suspicious about her and at the same time we know that she considers Toby as her own daughter. Quentin also brings a freshness touch to the story and it’s nice to have the boy here. He is still naive, but he eventually learns that life is different from everything he thought before. And what about Tybalt? I love the king, the opposite would be impossible. He has everything we could like. And for me, it would be difficult for Connor to be at the same level. But these two men have both something unique and we always hope to learn more about them.

The world of Undersea was a whole new universe to discover. It is true that I didn’t have a lot of questions at first about the other creatures, but I was more than happy to learn so much. I also hope we’ll see them again shortly. It’s a different world than the one we know, a place that we could easily imagine in our dreams. A beautiful and intriguing place, populated by creatures that we had not met before.

Finally you can understand that this book was a wonderful one for me.



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  1. I haven’t heard of this series before. It sounds very interesting but it sounds like too Fantasy for me. My brain can’t grasp uber fantastical stories LOL, grey matter limitations LOL.

    However I’ll check if our library has book 1, this sounds cool!

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