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And here it is, a new post for our event. Don’t forget to check the new links here. Indeed, you can find a new author on Carien‘s blog as well. So today, you’ll discover Shawntelle Madison the author of the urban fantasy series Coveted. Thanks to Shawntelle for this nice post!


First of all, I’d like to thank Between Fantasy and Reality for hosting my interview. I had so much fun. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t.

I’m so excited about my first audiobook release and I would love to offer a copy to a Between Dreams and Reality Reader. The whole process has been an adventure. So what happens when you take a zany book and bring it to life? A story with dragons, leprechauns, and werewolves? Very carefully, thank you very much. To start the process, I used ACX to find a narrator. I had a difficult project in the first place. Not only did I have leprechauns, which required an Irish accent, I had a story with various Russian words and other creatures who needed to come to life. I needed a voice actor who was prepared to do any kind of voice in Collected. Audio Élan stepped up to the plate and made the story sparkle.

The whole process began with handing over the manuscript to Audio Élan. My narrator went over it first to check for any problems that would come out during her recording sessions. Once she was satisfied the script would work, set recorded the first fifteen minutes. Naturally, just like writing, she had to prepare it for public consumption with mixing and mastering. When I finally heard it the first time I was so excited. If you have read Collected, then you know about the Russian dragon. Well, guess what? She made the Russian dragon sound so hilarious.

After my narrator tackled the first fifteen minutes, she jumped into the deep end of the pool and worked on completing all the chapters in the book. One by one she knocked them out and offered them to me for approval. The process took months of recording and perfecting, but when the final version was uploaded to ACX, I was so excited. The part at the end of the book, and I won’t spoil the story for readers who haven’t read the book, has the perfect flow. I sensed what Natalya felt and that’s the kind of story I want to hear. I hope you’ll listen to the sample and let me know what you think. Good luck on winning a copy!

Check out a preview:

Natalya Stravinsky, the charmingly neurotic werewolf from Coveted, is featured in this prequel novella. Before Thorn Grantham returned to South Toms River, New Jersey, Natalya lived alone with her stash of holiday trinkets. Her life takes an interesting turn when she faces a difficult challenge: to find a stolen figurine she’d recently won from a magical creatures auction website. It should be simple, just demand for it back from the pesky thief. But a set of events occurs that puts not only her life at risk, but her family’s as well.

The audiobook edition for Collected can be found on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.


Thanks to the author, you can win an audiobook for Collected. The giveaway is international and ends on October 9th. You just need to fill the rafflecopter form for that.

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  1. This is so cool!! I’ve been wanting to try out audio books. People are always telling me to give them a try. This is going to be a GOOD story!! Thank you so much for having such a generous giveaway!!

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