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New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine has modern-day potions witches Holly and Andrew facing off against a firebrand politician who wears literally killer boots in a Texas-sized rodeo of trouble.

Boot-loving Cadogan vampire Lindsey must team up with off-again, on-again vampire partner Luc when a woman from her past is targeted by supernaturals in New York Times bestselling author Chloe Neill’s all-new adventure.

And New York Times bestselling author Rob Thurman features Trixa Iktomi from her Trickster series dealing with magical vengeance and magical footwear.

Taking kick-ass urban fantasy literally, USA Today bestselling authors Kalayna Price and Faith Hunter bring together the best of the genre to once again prove when you’re fighting supernatural forces, it helps to keep your feet on the ground.


Forked Tongues – Rachel Caine
I do not know if this story is part of a series but it perfectly presents the sublime Rachel Caine’s writing style. The author has a real talent that she presents here with a witches story. Yes, but a pretty good story, because since their coming out, wizards are hunted, hated, and scorned. It’s pretty sad to see what they have to endure while they are like everyone else. And it is in this context that we find Holly and Andy, two wizards and a couple who face the vagaries of daily life. Already difficult would you say? But besides that, a person they knew was murdered in a terrible manner and our little couple is determined to discover the responsible to make him pay.

This is a story that we can read fairly quickly but it makes us want to discover more. As I said, Rachel Caine is a talented writer and I am therefore not surprised to have a nice little pretty complete story and it makes me once again want to get into her writings. It features some talent wizards, and it is true that I would love to learn a little more about them. The whole thing is really intriguing. A great find then. 4/5

Stolen Goods – Shannon K. Butcher
I did not know the author at all, but I was very intrigued to find out what she could bring us here. And I must say that in the end it was a very nice surprise. I wondered if the story was part of a series and seeking what the author had written, but I’m not sure if this is the case. Yes, because I would have ordered one of her writings right away if so, but I think I will see about that be later.

We discover Marcus and Simone, two people who look different and yet carry the same weight. Simone is hired to find objects, whatever they are, and I must say she is good at her job. But she is also well-served by her sumptuous boots that allow her to go invisible in all locations. But when one day, Marcus wants to engage her with a generous offer, the young woman feels that there is something hidden. Indeed, the man wants her to retrieve an object of great power from the people who destroyed her life, and he wants to team up with her.

It was a good story and I liked the team they both formed together. And it is true that everything has really made me want to know more. Some nice ideas and I must say that I want the same bag! 4/5

The girl with no name – Chris Marie Green
I did not know the author before the release of her last book, and it is true that the great reviews I had the opportunity to see made me really want to try it. Now that I read the story, I am even more curious. I do not know if the characters are part of a series but it is sure that now it will not take long before I read one of her writings. I really liked this story.

We discover our young heroine who does not know who she is, but one thing is for sure, she wears the most intriguing pair of boots, made with nature and it seems she isn’t able to remove them. Apart from that? She does not remember anything, and will have to retrace her life to understand how she got there, but what she could see might not be so pleasant.

I loved this story and I admit that I was really curious to discover more about our heroine and her boots. I did not expect such an outcome, but it was good enough imagined I must say. A great discovery . 4/5

The Devil’s left boots – Faith Hunter
Ah Faith Hunter! I read the first volume of her Jane Yellowrock series but it’s true that I never tried for more but I really should have. And it is with great surprise that we discover a novella directly related to the series (same world, other characters), something that seems different from other previous one. By cons I think that since I have not read a lot of them, I do not really know all the characters present, but I am curious to learn more about them.

Thus we discover some sisters, witches who accept a new job from the person who made ​​fun of them when they were younger.Putting aside their resentment, they embark on this story that finally seems to be more complicated than expected.

I might have preferred the other novellas, but it was still nice and highlighting enough to discover it and boots were really original . 3.5 / 5

High Stakes – Chloe Neill
I’ve always heard great things about the author and about her urban fantasy series but I confess that I have the first four novels so I’ll get into them one day or another. It is true that suddenly it’s a shame because we fell in a world of Merit and although she is not the main character, she is there.

We discover thus Lindsey and Luke, two vampires who seem to have a rather complicated relationship and while the young man would go into high gear, Linds is afraid to destroy their friendship by doing so. However, she may will not have to choose when her past catches her up and tries to kill her. Our heroine will have to investigate to find out what happens.

It was a good story, although I think it could be more attractive when I knew the environment. In any case, it was nice to discover the characters and I really need to start the series now to learn more about it. 3.5 / 5

The parlor – Lucienne Diver
Lucienne Diver… Ah , I confess that I did not know her at all before discovering this novella and I must say that I am now quite intrigued. And you want to know the best? I found the series that went with this story and I immediately added it to my wishlist! You will quickly understand why.

We discover Tori, a young private detective who finds herself embedded in a story that will completely overtake her. It begins with an investigation for adultery but she will soon realize that there is much more and she will eventually need help to find the man who is now gone .

I liked the ideas of the author! Of couse urban fantasy, mixed with mythology? What more could we ask for! I am always very fond of this kind of stories, especially when we don’t have a lot like that. 4/5

Red is not my color – Christina Henry
I love Christina Henry and especially her series. So I was happy to find a novella in this universe! The big plus? I’m a little behind on the story and I have to read Volume 4 and Volume 6 is already out, but this volume is placed between the ones I read, which was really perfect for me.

We thus find Madeline who is left with a mission from her grandfather Satan. Yes, she must indeed find shoes that, once a person has to foot them, is forced to dance without never stopping. But you can imagine that it will not be that simple.

I loved this story that is quite interesting and that allowed me to immerse myself in this world that I enjoy. A nice surprise. 4/5

Snakeskin – Rob Thurman
Ah Rob Thurman! I confess that I have a first book on my wishlist for a while but I have not yet read it. I really should have however as all that seems really interesting. But thanks to this series I discovered a whole new series that I hope to read very quickly now.

We discover two young women doing business together, one selling information, the other desperate to get something she actively seeks. I will not say more because you would know to many things about the whole story.

I really was very surprised by this little novella, yes, because we have a revelation at the end and it’s true that I did not really expect, it was well found. A nice surprise and I’m so curious to read the first book in the series to find out more . 3.5 / 5

Ruby Red – Kalayna Price
I love Kalayna Price, and Alex Craft series is one of my favorite, so it’s true that I was really excited to read this novella. But surprisingly enough, we do not have a story about our beloved witch but rather a story leading up to her. So I admit that I was perhaps a little less excited than I thought but it was interesting to see how it was conducted. And the most terrible thing? I look forward to Volume 4 to find our dear heroine now!! 3/5


Some very good anthologies that made ​​me discover some authors and allowed me to immerse myself in other universes.A lovely surprise!




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  1. i have this one^^ ( fopr once^^) and i’m quite tempted to jump into it but firsdt i must be sure to knopw where each novella takes place in teh series i follow to reach that point and not feel lost^^

  2. There are very few anthologies that I actually want. Sometimes I’ll get one b/c one of my favorite authors has a novella in it, but I’m usually annoyed that I have to get the whole anthology when I’m only interested in one story. This one, however, I got the second it came out. I love Faith Hunter, Chloe Neill, Kalayna Price, etc. I’m glad you liked it to, Melliane 🙂 Great review!

  3. a lot of popular authors up there, none of which i had read yet myself 🙁 oops.. sounds like it would be a good intro to their writing!

    sorry for the delay in comments, it’s been a very long past few days

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