Pack of Strays by Dana Cameron

Fangborn, Book 2

Synopsis: The second exciting novel in the Fangborn series.

Archaeologist Zoe Miller has only recently learned she is Fangborn, a secretive race of werewolves, vampires, and oracles dedicated to protecting humanity. But after she discovered and opened Pandora’s Box, the fabled item has lived up to its myth, and for Zoe and her friends, all hell has broken loose. Now she’s on a double mission: to prevent a politician from revealing the existence of the Fangborn and to foil the diabolical plans of the powerful Order of Nicomedia, a group dedicated to eradicating her kind.

But Zoe is also noticing disturbing changes in herself ? new and unique abilities. Her visions are intensifying too, drawing her to faraway places to find more artifacts like the bejeweled bracelet embedded in her wrist.

In a world of dizzying shifts, who can Zoe trust? For while her former lover wants to turn her in, her former adversary seems dedicated to helping her mission succeed . . .

Review: I liked the first book and I was curious to see how the second one would be. I confess that I do not remember in detail the events but we are left here shortly after the end of the first novel. Taking the course of the young woman quest, some memories came back, and all the characters, as well as new ones, are present once again.

Having escaped from the hands of those who held her, and after leaving behind her the people she considered closest, Zoe continues her journey with the only man she never thought she could trust: Adam. But as her life is not already complicated enough, new events are added, completely upsetting the plans of our heroine. It seems that all her friends were turned against her and the people she flees want her more than anything. But in addition to this, she’ll also cross the path of a group of people chasing Fangborn, and who seem determined to take her as target whatever it might cost. Yes, as you can see, many things are happening here and Zoe won’t be able to get bored.

I was quite surprised to see how the story would evolve here. Zoe is facing the evolution of her powers that fears her increasingly. It must be said that there are many side effects and some more as disadvantages. And the more we progress, the more we realize that her life only gets more complicated, without ever really having any answers or solutions. I was also quite surprised to see that people who were some enemies in the first novel like Adam were changing side. It was interesting to see how their relationship could change and evolve after all that had happened. Of course just like Zoe, I was quite disappointed by the Will’s attitude, but I’m curious to find out what will be her final choice with the events here. Another point to note, I liked the little interludes in scenes where our heroine manages to speak with Sean to solve many problems. I am also curious to learn more about the new character in the story as wel, the Oracle, which I think will take an important place through the books.

I will not go further into the story, but I had again a good time with the novel. A lot of things has begun here and I’m curious to see how Zoe will change and what she will become now that her life is in flux. Story to follow.



27 thoughts on “Pack of Strays by Dana Cameron

  1. Sounds like there is some good character development with the heroine but having unanswered questions without a solution isn’t fun. I still might check this book out though because I’ve been trying to get more into Urban Fantasy!

  2. It is hard sometimes when you read so much and when there is a long span on time between books to remember everything that happened in the last one. I am glad it all came back to you though and you ended up liking this one.

    Have a nice weekend!!

  3. I’ve not heard of this series before, but I’m glad that you were able to enjoy this follow up story, I haven’t had the best of luck with sequels, so its always nice when a decent one comes along your way. Fab review Melliane!

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  5. I think the best way to get readers to religiously follow a series is to keep them guessing, and give them something to look forward to. And this book, regardless of the problems you had, is pretty successful in that aspect.

    Good luck with the rest of the books, Melliane. 🙂

  6. I’m kind of glad when sequels start not so long after the end of events of the first, because it can definitely be confusing when it starts like a year later or something, haha. Sounds like the story is developing well along with the characters, which is always what should happen. Glad you still enjoyed it! 🙂

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