Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

Review: Ah, what about those three books? Firstly as you can see, we have here a mixture between comics and mangas. They introduce us Zita, a young girl like others who is left with a fate that could overtake her.

I think the first thing that I can say is about the pictures as they are just really beautiful! All the characters, as well as the aliens presented are very well imagined and we encounter a lot of species. It is in this particular universe that we encounter Zita and Joseph, two friends who discover a switch at the center of a meteorite. Despite the insistence of Joseph, Zita presses the button and they both end up in a world different from the one they know about. But while the first one is kidnapped to be sacrificed, the second will have to quickly understand how to survive in this world and to find a way to save her friend. In this quest, she will make new atypical friends that we love before becaming a big star in this universe. However, people may well overreach her, especially as she only wants to return to Earth.

Zita never asked anyone anything and with an unfortunate accident, she finds herself in a story that is totally beyond her. We love discovering with her the world of the author and all its subtleties. The ideas are very good and even though the book seems to be for younger, we can all have a good time with it.

This is a beautiful story about friendship, loyalty and discoveries.



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  1. My graphic novel/comics reading has gone down in recent years due to time and to save money (my comics collecting habit was just way too expensive to maintain!) so I’m definitely much less in the know about titles as I used to be. These three look so adorable though!

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