DNF: End Time by Keith Korman

Synopsis: Three people face down a mysterious government organization in a search for a series of missing persons in this dark, apocalyptic thriller

What is happening to the country—and the planet?

A government bio-lab experiment goes hideously wrong, infecting people with scientifically-programmed madness . . .

Random kidnappings of women and girls proliferate throughout the land . . .

Some people suddenly succumb to horrifically virulent viruses while others become able to read minds . . .

Mysteriously summoned to confront these frightening questions, three people are thrown together on a bizarre cross-country quest: Cheryl Gibson, an LA cop; Billy Howahkan, a Lakota Sioux with seeming supernatural gifts, and Bhakti Singh, a distinguished space scientist. They must track down a pair of children with extraordinary powers. These two young people will determine humanity’s fate—obliteration or salvation.

As the three set out across America, the blood-dimmed tide is terminally unleashed. Anarchy, terror, and death stalk the land.

Review: As soon as I read the summary of the novel, I was intrigued. I must say that we often have post-apocalyptic stories but eventually this one shows us the Apocalypse itself, a change in the world that affects everyone by different methods. How not to be intrigued?

Yet I have not really managed to hang on the story or the characters. I finally read 140 pages (one third of the book) before deciding to put it down… I do not know if this is due to my state of mind at the time, or if I have only failed to hang on the style of the story but I decided to abandon my reading. I must say that from the start I flew over the pages and I found it hard not to be lost compared to characters and the events. But I think that the novel will appeal to others and I’m curious to see what people will think.


27 thoughts on “DNF: End Time by Keith Korman

  1. I know that you don’t do this often so I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make. As you say it is sometimes more about us not being in the right frame of mind than it is about anything else.

    Perhaps a book you might try again at a later date?

  2. I finally decided to set aside a novel that wasn’t working for me a couple of weeks ago, and I feel so much better than trying to slog through. I am glad you made the same choice. Better luck next time out.

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