Tempted by the Night by Joss Ware

Envy Chronicles, Book 6.5

Synopsis: Fifty years after civilization as we know it is destroyed, the world is a different place: filled with immortal Strangers wearing powerful crystals, overgrown roads and cities, and the sad, desperate zombies that roam the earth.

But some things haven’t changed… and when two old friends become involved in a life-threatening situation, they start to realize that maybe there is more to their friendship than just memories… Luke Desmond broke off his engagement and left town when he realized he was about to marry the wrong sister. Marisa Bengotti couldn’t forgive him for breaking her sister’s heart…and for not knowing that he’d always held hers. When Luke reappears, in danger and on the run from bounty hunters, Marisa finds herself caught in a web of danger and deceit, putting at risk not only a secret collection she has sworn to protect, but also her bruised heart. With the bounty hunters closing in, Marisa and Luke join together in a dangerous game that could keep their world from being destroyed…but will their hearts survive?

Review: I’ve read the first two volumes of this series in French and the following four in English as the French translation did not follow (which is unfortunate). With Tempted by the Night, I found out that Joss Ware is none other than Colleen Gleason. I enjoy this series because it combines two of my favorite genres: romance and apocalyptic.

I regret to say that I was disappointed by this novella. Indeed, the romance between Marisa and Luke seemed sloppy to me in the end, as if the author was in a hurry to finish it. In addition, this brings nothing new to the frame of the main story.


15 thoughts on “Tempted by the Night by Joss Ware

  1. I have the first book in this series, but have yet to read it. Novellas are either hit or miss for me. You have to ask your bookish brain if you are willing to believe the story, even though it irks the hell out of you. LOL

  2. I have loved every book by this author that I have read, but had no idea this series even existed. Sorry this wasn’t a good read for you but I think I might be looking up the other books now that I know about them. Thanks!

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