Commodity by Shay Savage

Synopsis: A woman hunted by human traffickers.
A hot and dangerous bodyguard.
Complete destruction.
The end of civilization.
The beginning of a new form of currency.
Women are now the highest COMMODITY.

Review: Commodity is a dark romance with not joyful themes such as rape, slavery… It is divided into two parts, the first part is told from the perspective of the heroine, Hannah Savinski, and the second by Falk Eckhart her bodyguard.

Hannah discovers a human traffic and is kidnapped and raped by the man who runs this traffic and his cronies. She managed to escape and is now on her way to testify. She is threatened by this very powerful man. Falk is there to protect her, and when he heard about the explosions, he takes her in an underground tunnel. When they emerge, they realize that men are killed and women and children disappeared. There are few survivors (only those who could shelter underground) and the majority are men. Falk, having an apartment in the city where they are now, decides to take Hannah. Falk and meet other survivors and everyone settles in Falk building.

There are several things that caused me problems but warning: Spoilers!

– Hannah can not stand to be touched (understandable after a rape – the first one) but ended up sleeping with Falk without any problems…

– Hannah is then kidnapped and raped (again) for 7 months but the psychological trauma disappears almost immediately! WTF?

– That the attack was due to the aliens, why not… but the discussion of Falk with one of them at the end, no just no !!

end Spoilers

I will conclude with a warning, this book talks about rape. Consider your prior sensitivity before choosing to read it or not.



12 thoughts on “Commodity by Shay Savage

  1. A book I’ve seen featured on a few sites now. Alas not a book I can see myself reading but there are some bloggers who seem to highly recommend if IF you can get past women as commodity etc.

  2. I’m sorry this one was such a disappointment – I’m not sure if this would be for me . The subject matter does not sounds like it was handled well at all. Thanks so much for the honest and thoughtful review, Cass 🙂

  3. I don’t mind dark stories (as long as they don’t glamorize it and try to make me like the rapist), but yeah, this doesn’t seem believable even before you add in aliens. What was the point of them anyway? Did they decide towards the end of the book that they wanted it to be sci-fi?? Or was it sci-fi from the beginning? Great review, but I don’t think I’ll try it.

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