World’s End by Will Elliott

Pendulum, Book 3

Synopsis: When Eric Albright, a luckless London slacker, and his pal Stuart Casey went through a battered red door under a railway bridge, the last thing they expected to find was another world. There lay the strange, dark realm of Levaal, whose tyrant lord Vous has ascended to godhood. The great wall which has divided the land has been brought down, setting loose a horde of demonic Tormentors. In their sky prisons, the dragons are stirring, set to defy their slumbering creator and steal humanity’s world.

Shilen, a dragon cloaked in human form, has convinced Eric and Aziel, Vous’s daughter, to help free the dragons from their sky-prison, or Earth will be destroyed. She promises great power, and safety for all Eric’s favoured people, but Shilen has an ulterior motive, for the dragons wish to control humankind completely.

Review: I was a bit mixed with the first volume but I really had a great time with the second, so I was curious to discover this third and last novel. By cons I admit that I had more difficulties get into the story this time …

We find all the characters we learned to enjoy in the novels and it is true that I am always impatient to see Eric and Aziel to see what would happen to them. As always, we start on all the different protagonists of the story and although it’s always interesting to see what happens, I admit that I have always a little trouble when there are a lot of characters. I often prefer to follow less persons not to be too lost. This is perhaps what made my mind after a moment despite the interest I had initially. For me, it is not a bad book, it’s always very well done and I admit that the manipulation of the dragons and their appearance (more present in the story) were fascinating to understand and observe. I must say that our characters interact a lot with them, even if they do not know if they can trust them.

As I said, it was a nice and fast book to read and but I got out several times of the story without being able to return completely, but I’m glad I discovered these three different volumes.




30 thoughts on “World’s End by Will Elliott

  1. Melliane! it’s been so long! I hope you’re doing well! I’m so sad that this one wasn’t a good one for you and that you found it hard to connect with the story. Hopefully you’re not read is better.

  2. Sounds like a difficult series. I’m still curious though. I’ll have to look into the previous 2 books, I can’t place them at the moment.

  3. Sorry this one wasn’t as strong as book 2 Melliane! It’s always a bit of a bummer when you struggle with the first book in a series but decide to give the second a go anyway, only to be pleasantly surprised and then disappointed once again by the third. Could the second book be read a standalone?

  4. I’m a fan od Dragons myself, so I can definitely see the appeal of the series. I’m sorry this one was less than you hope for, especially with how much you enjoyed the second book. Still, sounds like an interesting
    read 🙂

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