War and Craft by Tom Doyle

American Craftsmen, Book 3

Synopsis: America, land of the Free…and home of the warlocks.

The Founding Fathers were never ones to pass up a good weapon. America’s first line of defense has been shrouded in secrecy, magical families who have sworn to use their power to protect our republic.

But there are those who reject America’s dream and have chosen the Left Hand Path. In this triumphant conclusion to Tom Doyle’s imaginative alternate historical America, we start with a bloody wedding-night brawl with assassins in Tokyo. Our American magical shock troops go to India, where a descendant of legendary heroes has the occult mission they’ve been waiting for.

It all comes to a head in a valley hidden high in the mountains of Kashmir. Our craftspeople will battle against their fellow countrymen, some of the vilest monsters of the Left Hand Path. It’s Armageddon in Shangri-La, and the end of the world as we know it.

Review: I liked the first two volumes. I admit that at first glance this genre is not necessarily my favorite but Tom Doyle handles perfectly the words and his stories and I spend each time a very good time. Moreover, he always has the great idea at the beginning of the novel to re-situate the story so that we can remember the previous events.

So we’re going back into a new story, starting with the marriage of two of our main characters which, of course, does not turn at all the way it should. Indeed, after a big fight, it seems that Madeline has disappeared. Nobody knows what made her go through the afterlife or if she is a prisoner of some entity.

I admit that, as always, my favorite characters are Rezvani and Dale, whom I always take great pleasure in following. So I was very happy when I saw that we were concentrating mainly on them. It must be said that the poor chracters will not necessarily spend very good times. Moreover, our dear heroine now pregnant will also have to face her new condition.

I really had a good time with this conclusion. As I said Tom Doyle has a way of his own to share his stories and is easily carried away. Our four heroes are going to have a hard time and new and old enemies will surface. It is a volume full of action that takes us in different countries to offer us a very good conclusion.




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  1. At looking at the book, I wouldn’t think this is one for me either. But your review sounds great. 🙂 Thank you!

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