Hidden by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus, Book 5

Synopsis : With his talent for divining the future, Alex Verus should have foreseen his friends’ reactions to the revelations about his previous life. Anne Walker no longer trusts him—and has also cut all ties with the mage community after getting kicked out of the apprentice program. As a favor to Luna, Alex’s own apprentice and Anne’s best friend, he checks in on her only to be told to leave her alone.

Then Anne gets kidnapped. The Council Keepers of the Order of the Star believe Dark mages from her past may be involved. Working with the Keepers, Alex and Luna discover that Anne has been taken into the shadow realm of Sagash, her former Dark mage mentor, and they must find a way to rescue her.

But another shadow from the past has resurfaced—Alex’s former master may be back in London, and Alex has no idea what his agenda is…

Review: I was really looking forward to discovering another adventure from the Alex Verus series! It’s always a real pleasure to meet the characters and I was eager to see what the author had in mind! I can tell you that I was once again carried away!

Alex is a little more alone now that Anne and Variam are gone, but lucky for him, Luna is still there. However, when Alex realizes that Anne is in danger, and even if she doesn’t want to be around him anymore, he doesn’t hesitate to launch into a story that completely overwhelms him to save her. To do so, he will have to mingle with the dark mages again, and he may well discover secrets that will change his life.

I really appreciated the novel. After seeing so much of Anne through the novels, we learn a little more about her past life and everything that happened to her to get her there. It was also very interesting to see other places where the dark mages live, to see how everyone is still trying to manipulate everyone. And of course, there are also all the characters we love and even if we finally focus on Alex and Anne, they are always there for our greatest pleasure. What about that fox? I love him!!!!! Looking forward to seeing what happens to him.

New points are being initiated here and I am very curious to see the direction the author will follow!


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