After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn

Golden Age, Book 1

Synopsis: Can an accountant defeat a supervillain? Celia West, only daughter of the heroic leaders of the superpowered Olympiad, has spent the past few years estranged from her parents and their high-powered lifestyle. She’s had enough of masks and heroics, and wants only to live her own quiet life out from under the shadow of West Plaza and her rich and famous parents.

Then she is called into her boss’ office and told that as the city’s top forensic accountant, Celia is the best chance the prosecution has to catch notorious supervillain the Destructor for tax fraud. In the course of the trial, Celia’s troubled past comes to light and family secrets are revealed as the rift between Celia and her parents grows deeper. Cut off from friends and family, Celia must come to terms with the fact that she might just be Commerce City’s only hope.

This all-new and moving story of love, family, and sacrifice is an homage to Golden Age comics that no fan will want to miss.

Review: I haven’t read many superheroes novels, but I must say I always find them interesting and different. I had bought this first volume a long time ago and I was happy to finally get into it!

Celia West is the daughter of two very famous superheroes. Everybody thinks she is lucky, and yet, it is far from being the case. That’s why she tries to live as far away from her parents as possible. But when everyone knows who you are, it’s not so easy and the young woman is often taken hostage to put pressure on her parents. Everything was going well until she had to deal with the case of the super-villain, Destructor, who was going to reveal secrets that they thought were long buried. Secrets that will change her life.

I had a really good time with this novel and I thought the author’s ideas were really nice. Celia is trying to emancipate herself from her parents, but it’s not easy. But when things get worse in the city, they and their associates, especially Arthur, that telepath who knows everything about her, will be the only ones to support her.

The story has an end here, but volume 2 is about Celia’s daughter and I’m quite curious to see how she will evolve in this world.

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