A Vision of Murder by Victoria Laurie

Psychic Eye Mystery, Book 3

Synopsis: Professional psychic Abby Cooper has invested in a fixer-upper, hoping to make a killing in the real estate market. But a killing of another kind puts her plans awry, as the ghost of a murdered woman and some troublesome poltergeists lead her into a mystery that stretches all the way back to World War II.  

Review: This is the third volume of the adventures of Abby Cooper and I was very happy to discover the story to find all the characters again!

Abby, Cat and Dave decide to buy a house in order to renovate and sell it. But they didn’t expect this place to house not only the ghost of a murderer, but also the ghost of a victim who relives her death. And these entities are not content to be disturbed! Determined to find out what’s going on, our heroine is going to immerse herself in a story related to events taking place during the Second World War. To understand what is going on, she may have to put her life on the line!

I really liked this novel! I also thought it was very funny that the story makes a little link with her other Ghost Hunter Mystery series that I like. By the way, I’ll have to get into volume 8 of this series! Anyway, I was happy to follow this new investigation with Abby and Dutch!

I’m very curious to discover the volume 4 now!


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