The Dragon of Cecil Court by Genevieve Jack

The Treasure of Paragon, Book 5

Synopsis: Old flames still burn hot.

He’s only ever had one weakness.
Nathaniel Clarke has a secret. Before he became the owner of an occult bookshop on Bookseller’s Row, he was a prince of the kingdom of Paragon. Now the dragon shifter is the high priest of the Order of the Dragon, a society of the most powerful supernatural beings in London. He’s only ever had one weakness, and he hasn’t seen her in a decade.

She’s only ever been good at one thing.
American pop singer Clarissa Black survived by singing on street corners before Nathaniel came into her life and unlocked the latent magic inside her. Despite their passionate affair, she refused Nathaniel’s proposal to pursue her music career. Her multi-platinum albums have made her a star but one with few people she can trust.

It only takes one spark to change two lives forever.
When Clarissa’s voice fails her during a show in London, it’s an excuse to reconnect with the man who remains her deepest regret. Nathaniel is reluctant to open old wounds but can’t refuse Clarissa’s plea for help or the passion her nearness awakens in him. But as he closes in on breaking the curse, Nathaniel learns the cause of what ails her is tangled with the deadly past he left behind.

Review: After Maiara and Alexander’s story and especially after the end of the novel, I was eager to discover this volume 5! And finally, I have to say that this is one of my favorite volumes, along with the first one!

Clarissa, a witch and pop star, has lost her magic. Now, she uses this magic for her concerts. Desperate, she returns to the one person she swore she would never see again: Nathaniel, a dragon she left after a passionate relationship. Her return reopens old wounds, but Nathaniel cannot refuse to help her, even if it hurts. As he tries to remove the curse from Clarissa, he reconnects with a past he thought he had long forgotten. In parallel, we follow Raven, Tobias, and Gabriel as they are trapped in Paragon under the yoke of the Empress.

This was a great novel! I loved the relationship between Clarissa and Nathaniel or all the information the author reveals about a lot of things. There are some great plot developments and I can’t wait to see what Genevieve Jack comes up with next. I want the story of Sylas! I want to know how the Empress is going to handle everything that happens, I want Xavier and Avery’s story because she deserves to find happiness.

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