Outlast by Annabel Chase

Warden of the West, Book 3

Synopsis: Where there’s a wand, there’s a way.

My secret is out, yet I’m still welcome at the academy, training for a future as a warden for the Agency of Magical Forces. For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong.

Until one of my roommates goes missing, and it’s all my fault.

I lead the charge to find her, testing the limits of my magical abilities in the process, and resisting the allure of the sexy vampire, Gray. The clock is ticking as we race to one of the most dangerous underworlds in an effort to rescue my roommate before it’s too late. Can I use my powerful magic to save her without losing myself…or my life?

Review: This is the conclusion of the series featuring our dear Bryn. It doesn’t feel like an ending but the author has created a whole universe and written trilogies for each of the characters. And I’m sure it’ll be very cool to discover each of our heroine’s friends.

In this volume, Cerys has been kidnapped by a demon and is stuck in one of the underworlds. But Bryn won’t give up on her! Determined to save her, she teams up with Gray (ah Gray, that sexy vampire!) and her friends (though it may not go as planned), to find their missing friend. But if in the idea it seems simple enough, doing it will not be at all!

There are a few too easy strings in this book that sometimes surprised me a bit, but this aside, I had a good time. It was fun to catch up with all the characters and I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Gray and Bryn evolve a bit. I look forward to reading more about all the girls!

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