Into the Windwracked Wilds by A. Deborah Baker

The Up-and-Under, Book 3

Synopsis: When the improbable road leaves Avery and Zib in the land of Air and at the mercy of the Queen of Swords, escape without becoming monsters may be impossible. But with the aid of the Queen’s son, the unpredictable Jack Daw, they may emerge with enough of their humanity to someday make it home. Their journey is not yet over; the dangers are no less great.

Review: These novels are like little candies, original tales like no other, which allow to have a good time.

We find our two heroes: Zib and Avery for the continuation of their adventures. This time they will meet the Queen of Swords who has a passion: creating monsters. It is also in this context that they will meet her son who will help them: Jack.

These novels are very poetic and it is always pleasant to discover and read them. The author has an amazing pen and I wonder if our two children will ever get home.

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