The Ripper Gene by Michael Ransom

Synopsis: Dr. Lucas Madden is a neuroscientist-turned-FBI profiler who first gained global recognition for cloning the ripper gene and showing its dysfunction in the brains of psychopaths. Later, as an FBI profiler, Madden achieved further notoriety by sequencing the DNA of the world’s most notorious serial killers and proposing a controversial “damnation algorithm” that could predict serial killer behavior using DNA alone.

Now, a new murderer—the Snow White Killer—is terrorizing women in the Mississippi Delta. When Mara Bliss, Madden’s former fiancée, is kidnapped, he must track down a killer who is always two steps ahead of him. Only by entering the killer’s mind will Madden ultimately understand the twisted and terrifying rationale behind the murders—and have a chance at ending the psychopath’s reign of terror.

Review: It’s been awhile since I had not read a good thriller story and I confess that the DNA sequencing for serial killer was really attracting. I do not really know Michael Ranson but I’m curious now to discover more of his writings.

The prologue of the book shows us a piece of the past of Lucas Madden, FBI Profiler today. Indeed, the author narrates the story of his mother’s death, a murder which was also unsolved. We then find him in the present, trying to manage a new case, that of a serial killer who seems strangely interested in our hero. I admit that it took me some time to get into the story. The events were initially a bit slow to implement and I wondered if it would change at a time, but this is ultimately the case after a good part of the story. It is true that once everything starts up, I was caught by the survey and the answers we are looking to find. It was hard to really understand killer, why he was doing these scenes and why he was always targeting women. The answers will come in due time but it is true that as the main character, we doubt with him about his family and we wonder who is really in charge (which was a real surprise for me in the end and I think it will be that for you too).

In addition to this survey, the story is also based on the DNA sequencing and shows that it is now possible to determine whether a person has a gene corresponding to those of a killer or not. Of course, none of this is really 100% sure but it was interesting to see how it worked and what the investigators really did. At the same time, although the idea is interesting, I found that it could pose some problems too … Yes, the fact of putting people in boxes, to make them believe they can not finally escape their genetic code. This is something that can easily deviate and I think the author wanted to show this also, that if you believe something to be born by then it is difficult to choose not to succumb.

In any case, I really found it was an intriguing and interesting history. I enjoyed the ideas of the author and I finally had a great time with this novel. If you are looking for a good thriller, you should try this one.



25 thoughts on “The Ripper Gene by Michael Ransom

  1. Oh I like the sound of this one Melliane! It’s been a really long time since I’ve read a straight thriller too, and I’m really intrigued by the DNA sequencing aspect. I loved Sophie Jordan’s series that dealt with a similar “kill gene” theory, so I’m excited to see this authors take on it. Fantastic review!

  2. I would like this one, I am always so fascinated by the DNA stuff. I read a book this summer that featured DNA science in tracking down victims, Black Eyed Susans. You should try that one.

  3. Gosh Mel, this sounds like the Tv show, American Horror Story. I don’t know if you keep up with that series, but this really reminds me of the second season. Maybe you should give it a try out . 😉 This book sounds like it has a lot of bad stuff happening and I hope everything works out in the end for these characters! <3

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