Reborn by C.C. Hunter

Shadow Falls: After Dark, Book 1

Synopsis: Enter Shadow Falls: After Dark and meet a vampire named Della, who’s about to discover what her own story is meant to be. . . .

Della had the perfect life—the family, a boyfriend, and a bright future—until she was turned, and abandoned by everyone she loves. She takes refuge at Shadow Falls, a camp for teens with paranormal powers. It’s where she and her best friends, Kylie and Miranda, heal their heartbreak with laughter, and where Della is training to be a paranormal investigator—and she refuses to be distracted. That means there’s no time for romance with Steve, a gorgeous shapeshifter whose kisses melt her heart.

When a new vampire named Chase shows up at camp, Della’s world is thrown into even more chaos. Arrogant and annoyingly sexy, Chase is a mystery . . . and the only mystery Della likes is one she can solve. She can’t solve Chase, at least not while she’s dealing with ghostly hauntings, vampire gangs and a web of family secrets. Can she prove herself as an investigator and keep her life—and her heart—intact?

Review: When I saw the book, I immediately knew that it was a spin-off series to another series that I have not read of course. But since this was the first volume, I thought I could maybe try it and see what would happen in the end. And I can tell you that I had a great time with the novel! It is true that some events are sometimes referred to others, which I think happened in the other novels, but I do not think it was a bother, and I am now very curious to read all the others to discover more about Della and Kylie.

Della is a young vampire who struggles to accept herself… I must say that we understand her when we discover the environment in which she was raised. It really hurts my heart to see that the simple act of going home has become an ordeal and her parents treat her like a pariah. But she does not do much against that and she lets them treat her as they want to. The words hurt, as well as the lack of attention. This is something very difficult and every meeting really broke my heart. We understand her desire to be accepted by her family she loves, but it seems in the end impossible. The only place she can call home, is none other than the Shadow Falls Camp, where her friends are always there for her. I loved the three girls that the author presents us. They are different from each other and yet they are all so interesting to discover… But Della must also manage other problems here, as her feelings towards the charming Steve. I enjoyed this character who does not run away from the young woman, whatever she does to push him away. We see that they greatly appreciate each other but the fear of commitment of the young woman poses very quickly many worries. But of course there is more and the story focuses on two main areas: the Della’s research over her family, to find out if one of her uncle is as she is, and an investigation of murders perpetrated by vampires. Yes, our heroine will really have many things to do, especially with the arrival of another character: Chase. Oh boy … what to say about him? He seems strangely interested in the girl without us understanding exactly why and when Della is instantly suspicious of this new vampire, it seems that she will spend more time with him than she would have thought at first. This is a very dark character compared to Steve and it’s true that I was really intrigued by him. But one thing is for sure, I didn’t know the reason for his presence and I’m really eager to discover the next book to learn more now. Oh yes, because a major event happens at the end of the story.

Della is a complex character, strong but also very vulnerable. We quickly understand why she does not want to open herself to other persons and at the same time, these same persons manage to create a place in her heart without her realizing it. I know many of you will say that this is again a vampire story like the others, but it is far from being the case. There is really no question of blood, because it is not what the author was really interested in, but the plot and the different characters are really put forward for our greatest pleasure. Many events take place here, with a good pace throughout the chapters. It was a great pleasure to discover this novel and as I said I now look forward to more and maybe read the previous series. A beautiful surprise!



53 thoughts on “Reborn by C.C. Hunter

  1. I am glad you had a good time with a spinoff series, because they can be tricky if you haven’t read the originals. I’ve only had one experience like that, and it was with Devon Monk’s Broken Magic duology that spun off her Allie Beckstrom series. I was so lost! If the author to this one was able to catch you right up, that’s fantastic. Sounds like it was able to stand on its own.

    • I know it’s not easy sometimes but it was ok with this one. Devon Monk told that we can read the spin off series separately but I desagree, I think it’s really difficult. But I loved the original series and the spin-off one.

    • yes she is really interesting, I saw she was featured in the first series too. Yes some spin-off series are ok, some others not and we really need to read the original story too.

  2. Usually I tend to enjoy a spin-off better if I read the original series first, but it sounds like the author did a very great job with this one and I’m glad you had a good time! I must say, now I’m really intrigued and I could definitely give this one a go 🙂

  3. I really want to read this one too but like you I ha en’t read the original series yet so I have been waiting. It is good to know that I can jump right into this one and not feel lost.

  4. I’m a vampire girl through and through, so I think this will definitely be a book for me! I never tire of vampire stories, it’s always interesting to me what an author will do with the mythology to make it their own. I’m a little nervous about the big event you mention happening at the end, so I might wait and see how that’s resolved in book two before I start this one. Thanks for a fantastic review!

  5. I haven’t read the other series of it either, haha. Though I was looking at it when I was in my paranormal stage but forget about it and left it behind. I spy a love triangle. Della sounds like a paranormal Veronica Mars though, so I’m interested. 🙂 At least you enjoyed it and could follow along without having to read the original series.

    • yes I have many series I wanted to start and just forget about them (many series I started as well in fact lol). There isn’t really a love triangle but we can see it so I don’t know how it will turn out. Yes it’s more about the investigation here so it’s nice.

  6. I wonder never be as brave as you to go into a spin off series and not have read the original series. i’d prbably be so worried about getting lost but i’m glad you stomached that and could get through with this one and ended up really liking it!

  7. It’s been such a long time since I’ve read Shadow Falls, so I can’t even remember much about the books. I don’t know why I didn’t continue on with the series, either. This adult series might be worth checking out, though.

    Great review, Melliane.

  8. I’m regretting not requesting this on NetGalley now, haha! I read the first book in the original series, but for some reason the synopsis of this one didn’t interest me. But seeing as it seems like I missed out a lot, I’ll be reading this one in the future, definitely. =)

  9. I’m definitely done with vampires at this point, so while this won’t be for me and isn’t one I’ll be picking up anytime soon, thanks for the review! I’ve heard this author’s name around before, so at least now I know a little more about her work. 🙂

  10. Ok this one definitely sounds worth reading even if it is a spin off. I’m glad you mentioned that it didn’t bother you that some things from other books you hadn’t read were still easy to understand because I hate reading spin off series for that reason because I constantly feel like they are expecting me to know information I don’t know.

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