Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

Synopsis: A year ago Hurricane Josephine swept through Savannah, Georgia, leaving behind nothing but death and destruction — and taking the life of Dovey’s best friend, Carly. Since that night, Dovey has been in a medicated haze, numb to everything around her.

But recently she’s started to believe she’s seeing things that can’t be real … including Carly at their favorite cafe. Determined to learn the truth, Dovey stops taking her pills. And the world that opens up to her is unlike anything she could have imagined.

As Dovey slips deeper into the shadowy corners of Savannah — where the dark and horrifying secrets lurk — she learns that the storm that destroyed her city and stole her friend was much more than a force of nature. And now the sinister beings truly responsible are out to finish what they started.

Dovey’s running out of time and torn between two paths. Will she trust her childhood friend Baker, who can’t see the threatening darkness but promises to never give up on Dovey and Carly? Or will she plot with the sexy stranger, Isaac, who offers all the answers — for a price? Soon Dovey realizes that the danger closing in has little to do with Carly … and everything to do with Dovey herself.

Review: I really enjoy reading the books of the author and more precisely her Bud series that I loved to follow. So when the release of a new novel was announced, I was immediately curious. No, I admit that I did not even read the synopsis, but the cover intrigued me and I was very curious about the story. And what a story! Full of originality and ideas.

Since the death of Carly, her best friend, Dovey is under medication and is closely monitored by her entourage. But while she is having a nice moment in her former favorite coffee shop, she sees Carly off and remains convinced that it is not an illusion. But how is this possible? Especially when we know that the young woman died during the Josephine Hurricane. Dovey is determined to uncover the truth and decides on her own initiative to stop all medications and to convince her parents that she continues to take them. But this change is going to be brutal when she realizes that the world in which she has evolved so far is far from being normal. But is it a side effect? Allying with two very different boys, she will investigate this universe, putting her life in danger more than once and discovering that everything she believed in is about to change and demons live among humans, causing them to forget and manipulating them their own way. Dovey no longer wants to be handled and whatever happens, she wants her answers and fast! Yet her answers could well upset her very existence, because she is herself connected to everything occurring.

I loved Dovey throughout the chapters. This is a girl who has a lot of courage, and remains determined to keep her choices whatever the persons are trying to get her to do. I confess that I asked myself several times if everything happening was just a side effect of her treatment or if it was real and I think we really do know (I think) that at the end of the book. Yes because everything is possible is not it? We can not help but fall under her spell and understand her objectives throughout the novel and the author manages to perfectly keep the reader in suspense, trying to understand what is happening. Did I forget to mention the two men in the story? How is this possible? First we have Baker, a childhood friend of Carly and Dovey. This boy is adorable, he is ready to do anything to help her friend and hopes she will succumb at the same time to his charms. It was very cute to see him change here, he particularly affects us by his innocence and his desire to do well. And then there is Isaac and, it must be said that he is quite the opposite. This boy is mysterious, hiding many secrets, secrets he also reveals gradually throughout the story in a quite recalcitrant way. We know that he isn’t normal and as well as Dovey, we know that it may be dangerous to trust him and yet we can not help but want to learn more about him and see what he really wants. So yes, we also fall under his darker charm and his difficult life. But it is true that it’s difficult to choose between them at this stage.

In terms of the story, I admit that I was really curious to discover the truth about each of the characters and was also surprised more than once. I did not expect at all either such an end and it is true that by starting the story I did not know if this book would be part of a series and I very much hope now because this purpose makes us eager to learn more and discover how Dovey will live now and see what will happen to the other characters. A great discovery for me.



29 thoughts on “Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

  1. I’ve been seeing this book a lot around the net lately and so far I’ve always read very positive reviews about it. Glad it worked well for you, too, and you definitely pushed my curiosity high… Why don’t we have enough time to read all the books out there?? *sigh* I’ll mark it as to-read-at-some-point 😉 Thanks, Melliane!

  2. This is actually one of the first positive reviews for it that I’ve seen (I’ve only read a few anyway, but they’ve mostly been negative) especially since a lot didn’t like how long it dragged out without the pay off. So glad you felt like it wasn’t like that. 🙂

  3. Kudos for being so brave and tackling this horror book, Mel! I avoided this one like the plague because I am not into horrors. This is the second positive review that I read about this book. At least, it was able to deliver the chilling effects that the premise promised. 😀

  4. After seeing a couple really negative reviews for this one I’m really glad you liked it. I’m not brave enough to read this one just yet but one day I shall be. Great review, Melliane 🙂

  5. Most of the reviews that I’ve read have been less than stellar, so thanks for offering a different perspective. I’m still not 100% sold on Delilah S. Dawson’s new series, but your feedback helped tip the scales into the maybe zone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. I’m so happy you were able to really enjoy this one Melliane! I for one wasn’t the biggest fan of this one (i think it was pastly because I was expecting something else going into it and this one was just not it) but i’m glad it all just worked for you and was a pleasant surprise! Great review 🙂

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