Nowhere to Hide by Nancy Bush

Nowhere, Book 2

“Do unto others…” Carefully, he carves the words into their flesh. The victims are all young, brunette, pretty. But she’s the one he really wants. The others are just a way to ease the rage that has festered for years, until the only thing that calms him is his knife slicing through skin…

Detective September Rafferty—Nine to her friends—recognizes the artwork that arrives in the mail. She created it back in second grade. Now a killer’s words are slashed across it in what looks like blood. He knows her. September’s investigation leads to her old classmate, Jake Westerly. She wants to believe Jake is innocent. But trusting anyone could be her last mistake…

Every slight, every slur, he remembers them all. They turned him into a monster, and now they will suffer for it. Starting with September, he’ll show them that the past can never stay hidden, and the time of vengeance is at hand…

Review: I’m always quite attracted to romantic suspense and when I saw the summary of this one, I thought I could have a good time with the story.

Here, we follow September, a police officer, newly arrived and who finds herself on a case that could touch her much more than what she originally thought. At the same time as often in this kind of novels, also follows the killer, his thoughts, his desires with small asides in chapters without ever learning about his identity. Moreover, we feel fairly quickly his unhealthy nature, twisted and desperate to achieve his goal. I found that the author was successful in creating a perfect atmosphere around him. But back to September … this young woman went through and will go through many trials. Indeed, a serial killer seems interested in her, sending her school drawings along with some strange inscriptions. But then, is this a joke or is it for real? And what about Jake? The perfect boy she loved while younger but who never stayed with her and who he reappears now, related to the case … She should not succumb to the attraction and yet … I have to say that I enjoyed his character. Everyone makes him seem like the perfect boyfriend and it’s true that this is how we see him too. He wants to be there for September, to help her, to support and protect her. What more can we ask for?

What was a little annoying for me was the confusion and unspoken of the history. There are many elsewhere about the killer, the investigation on the September family or about the character that concludes the story. I found it a bit strange and the story gives us a little feeling of incomplete in the end. In all cases I enjoyed discovering more about our heroine and her pretty dysfunctional family. Oh yes, because for once, her family is really twisted and it is also true that the more we learn about them and the more we understand the remoteness of some children.

In any case it was interesting to follow the investigation to see what was going to happen, how everything was going to bind and to see how our heroine was going to come out in the end. Despite some points, I thought it was pretty well done and I wonder what the result will book now with the sequel.




30 thoughts on “Nowhere to Hide by Nancy Bush

  1. Sorry it wasn’t perfect for you, though I do get why. I just love when we have the killers perspective (although, it’s usually YA for me, so maybe I wouldn’t like it in Adult since it’s probably more twisted, haha.)

  2. Romantic suspense is definitely an area in which I want to get more invested. I’ve read wonderful reviews and wonderful stories in the genre, and I feel like I’ve been missing out. September sounds interesting, as does the plot – too bad about the murky history thing… Beautiful review!

  3. see romantic suspense is that kind of genre where you can’t do halfhearted story. It’s either four or five stars and anything below that wouldn’t be acceptable to me. It’s going to dull out the suspense part if it’s three stars and below, so I will probably skip this one

  4. Sounds like it got its moments. I just recently have become fan of Romantic suspense and I’m always looking for titles to add to my list since I’m new to genre, but your feelings for the ending are keeping me from getting excite about this one.
    Thank you Mellanie 🙂

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