The Winter Long by Seanan McGuire

October Daye, Book 8

Synopsis: Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.

She was wrong.

It’s time to learn the truth.

Review: Ok, if you know me, you know that this series is one of my favorite and when I saw the release of a new book, I could not help but jump on it. Have you seen this summary? When I received the book I thought that I would have more on the book and that we would have more on the back cover, but nay! Oh no, it is exactly the same thing and I admit that I was looking forward to discover the truth as I waited for it for a long time. The author also says that all the previously written volumes lead to this one, even though we will have others and it is true that I am impressed by the way she led her ideas! It’s beautifully done!

October finds herself once again embarked on a crazy story. Simon, the man who has turned her into fish and who destroyed her life, comes back as if nothing had happened to upset again all the events. It is through him that our heroine will be able to learn more about her past, her origins and even though she thought she knew a big part of it, it seems that she has it all wrong and that she had many things to learn. Shocking revelations! Oh yes! And as I wish I could tell you about them now, but I’ll try to keep it all for myself and to avoid any spoiler. But it’s so hard because the whole story is based on them and it was exciting to learn that much.

Allies of the young woman will become enemies and enemies become friends but in any case, we can imagine that certain characters are hiding secrets. Oh yes, because they were successful in manipulating October for years and the masks come down here. I admit that I was really very surprised by some of the players that we know from the start and that could change our feelings about them. We also have the return of a character in the story, a person that is not expected and this time I was also surprised to discover the truth about her. October, of course, is not alone in all this, and she will stay with her aunt, Quentin, and of course Raj and Tybalt. I love these characters since the early novels and I am happy to find them throughout the story again.

So yes, I had again a great time and I am very excited to be able to read more as always. Even if the author reveals many things, new questions are raised, many other events are initiated and I am curious to read the next book to learn more. A great novel!




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