Grace Under Fury by Annabel Chase

Federal Bureau of Magic, Book 4

Synopsis: Welcome to Chipping Cheddar, where supernaturals are hidden in plain sight

Residents are sneezing and coughing all over town and it seems like a brutal allergy season is upon us–until someone dies. When Dr. Verity reveals a supernatural cause, I’m on the case, but how do I track a culprit whose only evidence seems to be the infection it leaves behind? In the meantime, neighbors new and old bring trouble to Muenster Close and I need to intervene before the wicked witches escalate matters. With the annual cheese festival on the horizon and a stealthy demon on the loose, I know I’ll need to set aside my misgivings and use my magic to prevent a catastrophe.

Can I stop this outbreak before it becomes a full-fledged epidemic or will the entire town succumb to the deadly demon?

Review: I got with great pleasure into this new volume of the adventures of our dear Eden.

A virus seems to be spreading in the city and everyone thinks it’s an allergy or a cold. However, when someone dies, our heroine discovers very quickly that this virus has a supernatural origin and she has to hurry to find out exactly what is happening!

As always, our heroine will investigate and do her utmost to discover the truth. Eden will also draw the attention of her new neighbor, but also of some inhabitants of the city, which will not be necessarily simple.

I really appreciated that in this volume, Verity and Anton are a little more in the spotlight. However, I was very disappointed by the turn of the relationship with our very handsome Sheriff and I hope that things will change in the next volume because I disagree with that at all…

In short, a very good novel once again!


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