Dream Walker by Shannan Sinclair (VO)

Dream Walker, Book 1

Synopsis: Do dreams really come true? Much to Aislen Walker’s dismay, they do.

Like most young women, she only wants a normal life–to finish school, become a nurse, maybe even travel the world someday. But one night she has a nightmare and watches helplessly as a young boy executes a man in cold blood. 

What she wants to believe is only a bad dream turns out to be an actual murder! 
Is this all for real? Is she just going crazy? Or is she, as her estranged father tells her in further dreams, really a “walker,” one with a special talent for crossing into different dimensions?
If she believes him she stumbled into The Stratum, a dimension run by a powerful organization that manipulates and controls the real world through it. And they reallydon’t like strangers wandering in, fouling up their plans or exposing their nefarious deeds. So much so, they want her dead.
In the first book of the Walker Saga, Aislen must decide what’s true and what’s a lie, who she can trust and who she can’t in a reality where nothing and nobody is really what they seem.

Review: I didn’t really know what I could expect when I started this book but I confess I was very intrigued by this gorgeous cover and by this original synopsis. I think it’s always very interesting to feature dreams and in the same time it’s a very difficult task, because it’s complicated to predict them. So I get into this story with a real pleasure. It’s funny, I don’t know why but I was sure it was a Young Adult book… Well, no, it’s a real Adult novel.
I need to say I read a lot of self published books and I enjoyed some but I think this one is one of the best I’ve read. Shannan Sinclair has made an incredible universe in this volume; she created a world thatis beyond anything we could imagine. It mixes video games, dreams and reality, a non common mix. Well it’s true we’re a little lost in the beginning of the book, but all along the chapters we can read the answers to our questions. But it’s true we still have a lot to discover!
Aislen is an amazing woman who doesn’t understand what happens to her. I have to say we totally understand her; she has some strange dreams and she can no longer distinguishreality from the rest. We ask ourselves, like her, a lot of questions all along the story, and we still have a lot when we turn the last page. Mainly about her father or about the other characters we can meet. We don’t understand the reasons of their acts and it’s finally quite frustrating to stay in the dark.
We understand too very well the desire of our heroine to trust someone but I think it was quite sad that she doesn’t listen to the advices she can have and that finally she tells quite fast about her feelings and about what she thinks.
Like I said in the beginning, the story is very complex and it’s a pleasure to discover all the important events in the book. I think Raze was the character that intrigued me the most. We think he is a manipulator, a killer; well a bad guy and we hate him from the start for that. But the discovery of Aislen will change everything and I didn’t expect that at all. He had to go through a lot and we can understand why he became the person he is now.
This book was a beautiful surprise, we follow a lot of point views from different characters and it allows us to better understand their feelings. It’s very interesting to try to discover their motivations even it’s not possible to really know everything. I’m now very curious to read the second volume.

12 thoughts on “Dream Walker by Shannan Sinclair (VO)

  1. I didn’t really know what to expect either — but your reviews just made me intrigued! 😀 I remember seeing your other post for this book before and thinking it sounded cool, so I’m really glad that you liked it! I love it when you can find a self-published gem in the pile! 😉

    Awesome review, Mel! Raze sounds like a new kind of bad boy and I REALLY want to meet him now! x) <3

    • I was very surprised, I didn’t expect that. But you’re right it’s so nice to find a book like that. lol he is quite scary through but he change little by little in the story. I think we can understand the story without read it, it’s very complex. Thanks Mimi!

    • Well I had the feelings I was lost sometimes. And finally at the end we really don’t know a lot because it’s very complex. it’s nice but for some points it’s also frustrating. I would be curious to know your opinion if you try it.

  2. I can see myself falling in love with Raze. I love misunderstood characters, especially when they turn out to be so different from what they first appear to be. Thanks for the review. I hadn’t really read a review for this book before. Glad to know more about it.

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