Interview ~ Sally MacKenzie (+traduction) ~ Concours-Giveaway

We’re happy today to have on the blog Sally MacKenzie, the author of the Naked Nobility series and the Duchess of Love series. The seven books of the Naked Nobility are already available and the second book of the Duchess of Love series : Surprising Lord Jack is released on March 5th. You can read our review here. Thanks to Sally for this amazing interview.

Nous sommes heureuses d’accueillir aujourd’hui Sally MacKenzie l’auteure de la série Noblesse Oblige et Duchess of Love deux séries publiées par Milady en Français. Les 7 tomes de Noblesse Oblige sont disponibles dans le commerce et le premier tome de Duchess of Love : Lord Ned à tout prix sort le 19 Avril 2013. Le deuxième tome Lord Jack a Tout Prix sortira en Juin 2013. Merci à Sally pour cette jolie interview.


Hello! Thank you so much for coming on our blog today ! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Hello–or should I say bonjour? I’m afraid that and “merci,” “non,” and “oui” are about the extent of my schoolgirl French. I was born in our capital, Washington, D.C., and have lived almost all my life in its suburbs. Very boring! I was in France once–in Paris and Chartres–the summer I graduated from high school which was, er, a few years ago. I have a husband, four sons, and two daughters-in-law.
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When I was in fifth grade–so maybe 10 or 11 years old–we had to write a story for class. I’d never before taken such an interest in a school assignment! And when I read the story to the class, everyone laughed in the right places. I was hooked.
How many books do you intend to write for the Duchess of Love series?
I planned the Duchess of Love series to be a trilogy–three books–plus a prequel novella. I’m finishing up the third book now, and then I have to come up with an idea for a new series. I don’t think it will involve the Duchess of Love, but we’ll see where the muse takes me. 
Was it difficult to write the first book? How long did it take? 
If you mean Bedding Lord Ned, the first Duchess of Love book, it was harder than I expected. I think each book get harder to write, because I want to try to make each book better. I don’t remember exactly how long it took to write, but I’ve decided that I’m happiest if I have a year to write a book. It’s not just the writing that takes time, it’s the promotion and production. And I need time to recover and let the creative well refill.
If you mean the very first book I ever wrote–well, I wrote my first manuscript many, many years ago–on a typewriter! I’m not sure I’d be published today if the personal computer hadn’t been invented, since I’m a terrible typist and very big on revising.
When our oldest son was getting ready to go off to college, I decided I should try again to write for publication. I’m not sure how long it took me to write The Naked Duke. Probably several years. I was still very busy with our four boys, so I’d write in spurts. In some ways, it was easier to write the Duke than my other books. Yes, I didn’t know if it would ever be published, but then again, I didn’t have a deadline or any expectations. I could write what I wanted when I wanted, and I wasn’t at all concerned about what people would think. Now, as I say, I want to