Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis

Lucky Harbor, Book 3

Synopsis: Breaking rules and breaking hearts.

Free-spirited Chloe lives life on the edge. Unlike her soon-to-be married sisters, she isn’t ready to settle into a quiet life running their family’s newly renovated inn. But soon her love of trouble — and trouble with love — draws the attention of the very stern, very sexy sheriff who’d like nothing better than to tame her wild ways.

Suddenly, Chloe can’t take a misstep without the sheriff hot on her heels. His rugged swagger and his enigmatic smile are enough to make a girl beg to be handcuffed. For the first time, instead of avoiding the law, Chloe dreams of surrender. Can this rebel find a way to keep the peace with the straitlaced sheriff? Or will Chloe’s colorful past keep her from a love that lasts… and the safe haven she truly wants in a town called Lucky Harbor?

Review: I enjoyed the first two volumes where Tara, Maddie and Chloe appeared, but after following the story of the first two ones I confess that I was impatient to know Chloe’s.

We follow the story of our young heroine with Sawyer, the sheriff of the city. It was very funny to see their verbal jousts, as they are often at the opposite of the law. Yet when you look closer, the two look much alike than they might believe.

Chloe is very touching to follow, with her insecurities and her desire to master her asthma that seems to dictate her life. We will see her evolution, she will realize that she is no longer the lonely girl she thought she was and that many people are there for her. Sawyer is the handyman of the city and helps as much as possible the inhabitants of the city. It was pretty impressive to see his typical day for that matter! Of course we can see the previous characters, as well as Lance, although I admit that his story is quite sad.

In the background, there is also a light inquiry that Sawyer leads on some residents who are mingled with his past. It was once again a lovely romance and I confess that I am curious to see what the author proposes afterwards since the stories of the three sisters are now over. I hope we will see them again as secondary characters!




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